Another day in or out of paradise

One day you’re just going about your business and POOF, you’re incinerated, floating in the air surrounded by what’s left of everyone else that was going about their business just the same as you. (you know the part that’s left over after the "meat" is gone). So you’re floating around there for awhile maybe 10 minutes, maybe a millenium when stuff starts to happen. Some of that left over stuff from the other people, their soul if you will, starts to drift in different directions. Some seem to be drawn upwards to a great light that has been slowly growing above. There’s some kind of music, harps maybe but you can’t tell for sure. but yadda yadda whatever because now you see the flip side as a wind seems to be picking up and some of those left over bits are draw slowly towards a growing vortex. The vortex picks up speed and just beyond the range of what you still think of as your hearing, even though you don’t have ears anymore, there might be screams…but you can be sure. You’re so busy thinking, "Whew, glad that’s not me" that you don’t realize that everyone but you is going somewhere. Then, you’re alone. Hmmm. What to do now? Is it the old adage too good for hell but too nasty for heaven…or did they just forget about you?


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