For ten years, I think it’s been ten years, I know that I’ve been sleeping. I’ve been sleeping but with my eyes open. I would say sleeping wide awake but that isn’t so. I’ve travelled through my days in a trance, waiting. For what? Well destiny I would say. I’ve been waiting for destiny to arouse me from this twilight slumber that my life has become. Waiting without answer. There is no clarion call to shake me from this slumber. I’ve been lost in the daily minutia of life and time has slipped away.Like a modern day Rip van Winkle I look around with sleep gummed eyes to find that my time has come to pass. Is it too late? We never knew what Rip made of his life after he returned to find everything he knew to be lost and forgotten.  Did he make himself anew or was he lost forever, a relic of a time gone by; out of time and also run out of time as well?


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