The Fly… Part III

The morning of the third day.

The ants weren’t able to force the corpse of the much larger fly through the crack in the screen window.

They’re gone now, leaving the body of the fly to dry out into an empty husk and then fade into dust. 


2 thoughts on “The Fly… Part III

  1. The ants are amazing little creatures. I have tons of them in my house. They don\’t really bother me as long as they stay out of my kitchen.


  2. Little MonkeyWe live in an ant metropolis. There are carpenter ants, brown house ants, red nasty biting ants and industrious black ants. Entire civilizations exist within a square foot of any section of my yard. Ants really are fascinating. I wonder how much of their behaviour is nuture or nature. I am generally tolerant of most insects but I must admit that like you I give no quarter in the kitchen.


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