The wind

The wind!

The wind has finally come sweeping the heat and moisture away. The pine trees that divide the yard from the farmer’s field sway back and forth. Their tops bob a hundred feet above watching the wind scurry across the lawn. The wind whips around the house. It flies underneath the guelder-rose shaking the branches like a dog shakes a bone. Delicate balls of blossoms scatter. A white spray of petals fly through the air like flakes of snow in November.

6 thoughts on “The wind

  1. Yes, the wind is here, too. I woke up this morning to the sound of it whispering through the tired willows outside my window. There is movement again, the promise on the wind is stirring us to back to life. The clouds are dark and heavy. For the first time in so long, we\’re looking up from the work of surviving the thickness of the stagnant air, toward the gathering storm mounting in the sky.


  2. I wish the wind would come our way. The heat is stifling and when it rains the moisture just hangs in the air. Its nearly intolerable outside.


  3. Your site is a referral from another doctor. I\’ve got to stop doing this. Referrals are leading me from the accustomed and the comfortable to places like Canada. That is a joke. When I turn on my water hose, Ontario gets wet. I am that close. I have more in common with Canadians than I do with peoply from NY City. We\’re both underrated and maligned. I\’ve lived in SE Asia and don\’t remember the kind of heat and humidity we\’ve had up here for the past few days. Glad I stumbled into your world. You\’re welcomed to visit mine anytime.cas


  4. Ah Pariah,I love the wind. I love it sweet in spring with the smell of all things new lingering on its breath. I love the wind wild in the fall as it leads the russet leaves on a merry chase. I love how it pushes away the heat of summer and brings the relief of those dark and swollen rain clouds that hung above you this morning. I love to hear the wind whistling outside on a cold winter\’s night while I\’m snug in my bed. How can you not the love the wind? It is so …alive.


  5. Cas I wish you rain. Not the light rain that adds to the humidity and fills your lungs with a thick and fetid breath. I wish you a deluge that sweeps away all that weighs you down and leaves nothing but the sweetness of rain kissed skies.Thanks for the invite, I\’ll stop by.


  6. Pretty Pink MonkeyHold to the thought that all things must end. It is always the sweeter when evil meets its demise. So I wish, too, for the end to the intolerable. Something more than that odious mist that spits on humid days but something less than Noah\’s fate. Although there have been days, I must admit, when a deluge of biblical proportion did not seem that undersirable. 😉


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