Stuck inside…sigh

Rain today and I’m stuck inside. I watch it from the front door hoping that it will let up and not wipe out the whole day. I was in the vegetable garden before the skies opened up trying to create some semblance from the dog ravaged plot. At least the rain should help the new seedlings on their way. Most people have to worry about rabbits in the garden…I have to worry about  a roaming husky-malamute X named Kera who likes to dig. Kera is actually short for Kerouac as in Jack Kerouac, huskies being notorious wanderers.
Nothing to do except watch the rain. My guitar is stubborn. I think I need new strings. I can’t tell if I’m playing badly or it just won’t stay in tune. The piano is very "ferrety" today and every song I want to play seems to use 1 of the 4 keys that are broken. I should explain that the piano was a freebee from a couple who owned several ferrets hence the ferrety aroma that occassionally lingers on damp or humid days. The piano is an Uxbridge, circa 1890 or so. It needs a tuning and 4 of the keys need new hammers but the tone is still beautiful.
The rain’s getting heavier. The lawn could sure use it so I shouldn’t complain. I could always do some work. I have more then enough slates to paint and wood to form. There are canvases on both easels and a brand new package of 150 lb cold press paper sitting on the table.
The wind is picking up. I guess it’s time to go shut the windows upstairs. The billowing curtains were already wet. I grab a towel and wipe off the window sills. It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up.
I put some Damien Rice on the CD player. The crossword puzzle doesn’t seem to hold my interest. I hate when the clues are easy and the answers are stupid. I can hear thunder rolling over the fields behind  the house. The sky is so dark with clouds that I’ll need to put some lights on if it doesn’t let up soon. The dark of the storm has tricked Joe Mchedgie, our hegdehog, into believing it’s time to get up. He hasn’t slept enough and he refuses to play, curling into a cranky prickly ball. Kera sprawls across the hallway mat. She rolls her eyes and lets out a doggy sigh as I walk by. I give back as good as I get. It’ll be time to start dinner soon.
Standing on the front porch, I watch the rain puddle on the walkway that runs between the blue spruces and out to the road beyond.
I guess it’s not going to let up.

3 thoughts on “Stuck inside…sigh

  1. I gardened in the rain most of the day yesterday -it\’s the only time the soil is soft enough to work – with my trusty dog daydreaming of digging up calla lilies after I left.. 😉


  2. hello mr weasel. just returning the favour, though id stop by and look over my neighbours fence. are u a writer by any chance? your words a far out.Libby


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