Not shy at all

The Toad

Rough cloth I wear since father and mother gave birth to me 
But alone I sit, in my deep, forbidden sanctuary. 
I just smack my tongue and two, three flying ants get caught 
Gritting my teeth, I can move the four corners of the sky.

Le Thanh-tong
(15th century Vietnamese poet)




11 thoughts on “Not shy at all

  1. I love your comments. Sometimes I would love to put a message up on my site saying please put some thought and heart into what you have to say. Say something meaningful, heartfelt, or something that shows you know how to engage your brain.You\’re writing is mesmerizing and beautiful. I consistently read your thoughts and I\’m instantly brought to a slower, calmer place.Like the new color scheme. Goes well with your earthy sensibility.


  2. PPI am a painter by trade but the art of words has been my companion for as long as I can remember. I\’ve read a great number of books on a veritable plethora of topics. I have been hedonistic in my choices with no loyalty to any particular genre. My philosophy is to be open to all, holding to the thought that if something has never experienced (read) than how can you exclude it? I\’ve become somewhat jaded by the banal, easily recognizing the oldest themes. What I most admire about your work is the unexpected. I never know where it is going. It pulls me in and holds me to the end. Often there is a gulf between what exists in the mind of the creator and the actualization of that thought. I don\’t sense that in your work. It feels pure and complete. Sometimes after a heavy rain I wander through my yard, the smell of the damp earth in the air, the sound of the rain dripping from the trees. On my trek around the gardens I often see a spiderweb that I haven\’t noticed before. The rain lays heavy upon the strands revealing every line. Your written pieces are like the rain on those strands of web. They create a frame, showing me something that, until that time, I have been blind to.


  3. @Maira9070Thanks Maira. First of all I should explain that my yard is toad central. At the back of my yard there is a row of trees that have been growing for over 150 years. Not all of them have been lucky enough to stay the course and all that remains of the fallen are tree stumps slowly composting back into the earth. I found this little guy comfortably ensconced in the hollow ring of one of those stumps as I was weeding the raspberry bush beside it. He was very patient while I ran into the house to get my camera. He was actually sitting right in front of a red ant nest but it didn\’t seem to bother him in the least.


  4. oh well we can still chat on our spaces!!u like to paintOMG……like to draw thibgs and placesnow we both hav something commonwe both like art………COOL=D


  5. @MairaGood for you! I\’ve always loved to draw. When I was younger my mother would let me draw on my walls with oil pastels. I could wash it off and make a new mural whenever I wanted.


  6. sorry never wrote anything today!!i was busy caz my uncle\’s visiting from new yorkand it\’s my mom\’s birthday!!so watcha been up to??could i hav ur msn anyways!!we might get to talk at least once!!=)


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