Trouble in the garden

"’This head is for the beast. It’s a gift.’"
Lord of the Flies ~William Golding
Last week’s full moon marked the passing of the summer solstice. The longest day of the year raced by unremarked among the long stretch of humid afternoons. Here in the northern hemisphere the days will slowly shorten as the earth recedes from the sun weary from a feverish embrace so eagerly pursued just days before. The heat of that embrace will linger, fading every day until the whip of winter’s northern winds chase away the last ember.
Those days are still to come and as yet we bask in the afterglow of that fiery  kiss. Where there are no trees to shelter, the caress of the sun lays dormant the grasses leaving fragile fringes to crisp and crunch under foot. Even the weeds are cowed by the glory of that furnace and cringe with heads bowed to hide from the light. Flowers blooming in the morning dew are crushed beneath the wheels of Apollo’s great chariot as it soars through the azure expanse above.
Beneath the wooden eaves of the garage the hollyhocks and gladiolus grow. The nest opening tucked beneath those eaves has been a busy portal all of June and July with bumblebees carrying on the business of the garden. The workers spend the days amongst the flora harvesting pollen. They return to the nest only when their pollen sacs are so full they appear to be clad in bright yellow pantaloons.
This day though, there are no bumblebees in sight. Something new marks the entrance of the nest. How it got there, I don’t even want to speculate. It is macabre in its appearance and possible purpose. It is apparent, as the earth lays spent, weary and languid beneath the insistent weight of the sun that something is not right.

7 thoughts on “Trouble in the garden

  1. Hey…this is "death girl" apparently ;)…I think you misunderstood. I do have a happy life, and I think by realizing that i\’m not invincible, i\’m trying to make the most out of life. Yes, and you\’re right, I find my boss really amusing, which is why I mentioned her in my blog 😉 I didn\’t mean to imply that not thinking about death equates to the believing you\’re invincible on the whole, but I can tell you that many people my age need to think about certain consequences (such as death) when they make decisions in life. I think it\’s healthy to have death at the back of your mind because it makes you appreciate every day. That\’s kind of the message I was going for ;). But thanks for dropping a msg! And Happy Birthday :P.


  2. @RobI posted another picture that is hopefully less ambiguous. It\’s actually a rodent skull which has somehow become wedged in the wooden eaves six feet above the ground. I think the bees pushed it out of the nest but how it got there in the first place I don\’t know. It just seemed like some sort of macabre warning a la headhunter\’s totem telling passersby "here be death, tread softly". If you\’re a big fan of the Red Wall Abbey books you might think that a siege was in the offing.@MalikaI don\’t think of you as "death girl". I suppose it must be difficult not to think of death working where you do. I suppose what I meant was not to let it flavour every decision that you make.;)@evil-stitchRight then…I\’ll be in the bushes if you need me =o


  3. That\’s really weird! I feel like it\’ll bite me..I want to thank you about your comment it was really nice and interesting I read it while smiling, I hope that you come again to my space wait for you, by the way nice space you got here, keep in touch..


  4. I agree, the earth is changing too fast to keep up with.Time flies even for the little children that used to get bored in the summer. Now time goes so fast , or seems to that no one has time to be bored. Does anyone really stop and look at nature? I do make the time, but not often enough.Ok that is the weirdest little creature ever, almost batlike,or albino batlike.But its really gross, whatever it is makes me feel like curling up my toes and making a face, saying ewwww. I love your comments and little cool sigs you leave behind. Take care~Silent.


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