Gaia’s Covenant

Sun showers mist bright rainbows cross the heavens. Smell the dark loam, rich and blanketed in a century of cast off needles. Hoary giants stand sentry. Broad spans encrusted with moss send imploring hands to worry the sky. Anchoring roots crawl across the earth grasping deeply lest ancient Titans are tempted to scale the cloud enshrouded foothills to seek the forbidden heights. Peers of my ancestors, the Fates have waited long to cut your thread.

Quiet darkness lies beneath. There is no today or tomorrow here, only this timeless silent spell. A lattice of branches, an interlocking maze that holds the storm now past, grudgingly bares secret slivers of a blue rain swept expanse.

Small beneath the sheltering boughs, the sweet sting of paths secret and past imbues the senses. Face upturned to watch the rush of tears that falls into outstretched arms.

18 thoughts on “Gaia’s Covenant

  1. Thank you for visiting the painting studio and for your most kind comment. There is a clairty and style to your writing that is most familiar. Good work with the words!Knew ya had it in you. Makes me thirst for more works and the cocktail in hand to salute you. As ever, be well. StephenAs Luke Sleepwalkers Mentor once said, " May the Farm Be With You."


  2. You know, I can be a little frantic and high strung…visiting your space always makes me feel like I\’m sitting in a forest with honeysuckle (my favorite) filling the air, my bottle of wine chilling in the\’s lovely. Thanks for that…If I meditated, this would be where I\’d do it.


  3. Thanks for the visit to the bead studio, and the wonderful comments.Interesting space you have here…I shall return, because there is too much to see and eat in one visit…not unlike a candy shope ~Peace, Nita


  4. that was awesome… hows that rum?? LOL. i wish i had something prophetic to say when hammered, i just got mad yesterday, ha ha ha ha maybe next time.. harriet the spy huh? I remember the book, you\’re right… many many moons ago… cheers! tip it back…Jules


  5. So sad to loose a friend. No one knows our moods our joys and is willing to be waiting for your touch, your words as she. tears fill our eyes and the lump seems to get bigger and bigger in our heart. But we know she was wanted by the Lord Safe journey Willie, Tell Tasha I still love her


  6. Hey, thanks for the entry. I doubt its the kissing disease, Ive not kissed anyone in ages! As for the smoking. drinking thing… I dont smoke and never share drinks, but Ill certainly go to the docs and ask him. I reckon its a combination of apathy and burn out personally lol. Stay safe, Craig.


  7. @MMHang in there, I\’m sure she knows@ Demolitian WomanThe rum was VERY good. I made it through Harriet the Spy but started to wobble a bit and had to miss the original Operation Petticoat that followed…lol…it was around 9am by then so it was time to call it a night@NitaThe kitchen\’s always open, come back anytime@IndigoOhmmmmmmm…Now keep your eyes closed…Ohmmmmmm… Um, where\’d you put that bottle of wine? ;)@PatThanks, I\’ve been looking at your beautiful photos and it seems that your world and mine look very similar@SherYou can paint quite a picture yourself. You don\’t need to envy anyone.@Lottie-maeI enjoy myself everytime I\’m at your site. You\’re funny and outspoken, two qualities that in my opinion compliment each other.


  8. Hi Lorna ^-^Thank you for your comment : )I like your photo albums too. Especially the \’Summer days gone by\’ album(I can see you\’ve tried different things there – you did a good experiment there~ you got a good theme, close up w/ objects, scene, protraits) + the \’Room with a view\’ that picture you got a good capture there~~ Good Job Lorna. Keep practicing and you can become a professional photographer! ^__^


  9. you believe in the mighty goddess Gaia? just curious but are you into witchcraft? i am. you asound like you are so im just curious


  10. Gaia GreenWolf I\’m not a disciple of the craft of the wise (Wicca) or witchcraft . I do believe that the earth has a spirit and a consciousness. Frankly I don\’t understand how anybody can stand with their feet planted on the earth and not feel the presence contained there in.This particualr entry is actually a reference to the role of Gaia and her offspring in the traditional mythology. I\’ve always thought of trees as giant and Titans, Gaia\’s children. Here I see them still together, joined eternally. The mother and child covenant remains unbroken despite the final betrayal of Olympus.


  11. I agree with you in many ways. Gaia is a great presence and the plants and animeals of this world technicaly are her children. and by the way great site, its so enchanting!


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