Spectre Ignis Fatuus

Skin deep beauty is a dry husk split open and left behind.
A ghostly memory in a perfect mirror of the spark it once held.
Translucent orbs now dust brown and empty gaze sightless on fields gone dark.
All the yesterdays fade to ash and dirt.
The song is born again.

13 thoughts on “Spectre Ignis Fatuus

  1. So you\’re my newest Amazing Race friend . . .We MUST exchange e-mail addresses so we can communicate with one another about the new season when it begins. What\’d ya say?


  2. @Daddio1950Alas I am one poor correspondent and it would be decidely one sided. My apologies :)The wickedly spiked creature is an african pygmy hedgehog that goes by the name of Joe McHedgie. He is an associate of my son, a decidedly crankly one but beloved none the less.@LeeBe afraid, very afraid…I\’m sure if you looked, you would find these empty hucks strewn about your backyard@JustLisaThanks =)@mandersblueIt\’s actually not a bug really..it once was, lol. It\’s the molting of a cicada. As they grow they molt and are born anew so to speak in a brand new skin.


  3. Your site is so interesting and would take me at least a full day to enjoy all it\’s offerings. Is your Profile Pic one that you took? Are you a proff. writer? You should be. Have a sunshine filled day!


  4. @ WhamjamLOL…I think you\’re right about the "feeling 12 thing". My mom is 65 and she still acts like she\’s 12 so I guess it never goes away. I\’m surviving. Saturday afternoon I\’m heading up north to spend a week cottaging with my family. If that doesn\’t kill me nothing will. I\’m actually hoping they\’ll drop me on an island in the middle of the lake so I can get some work done…LOL@Lisa (Pepper-Tooth)Thanks Lisa. I\’m glad you enjoyed my site. I did take my profile picture. It\’s the door to the closet in my bedroom. I\’m not a professional writer just a lowly painter.=( Unfortunately I haven\’t been doing much of that this summer so I better get my rear into gear or I\’m not going to be anything at all, lol.


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