A Week’s Hiatus

Saturday afternoon will find me on the road heading north. There are books to be read, paths to be walked, and shores to be painted. I will rest my feet in the cold waters of the western arm of the mighty Lake Nipissing and lift my face to the northern sky. I will sleep at night lulled by the gentle lap of water and wake in the morning to a murder of crows.


14 thoughts on “A Week’s Hiatus

  1. I\’m envious. I miss camping and road trips. It just wouldn\’t be the same being almost 8 months pregnant. But after the baby comes . . . yes we will adventure threw life as well!


  2. "A murder of crows." Is that like a flock of geese? Or a pack of wolves?Did you ever hear of an "unkindness of ravens?" No kidding.Sue


  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think I\’m up to 4 now. I hope the MSN server can handle the load. Hope you have a great vacation and yes, so far the duck is fine. I wouldn\’t worry though. I\’m betting the gun is loaded with blanks. Besides, I\’m not really that good a shot anyway. Take care and have fun on your trip. If you see anymore ducks can you bring me back one? Just in case?Your CaptPresident of the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rubber Ducks"P.S. Got any Nyquil I can borrow? I think I ran out.


  4. i just wanted to stop by and say hello nice blog you have here i havent got to get out here in blog land in awhile i wanted to read up and tell everyone hello and i hope you have a great day


  5. The Party wont be the same with out ya\’, so c\’mon by and have some free cake and booz on me and shake your groove thang a couple times around the dance floor, Would ya?!! 🙂 Jamie


  6. Wonderful..have fun on your holiday, now that I have found your place-I plan to return often. You seem to be a lover of life! I like to surroundd myself with people such as yourself!Be well-Kat


  7. @CherylOuch- 94 degrees, I don\’t even want to tell you how cool and lovely…well I guess it\’s too late now ,lol@Lisa(Peppertooth)We always took the kids camping when they were small, playpen and all. They were little dirtballs but they had a ton of fun =)@PPThanks. I\’m more of a solitary person so holidays are always interesting@SueB1018 It\’s exactly like a "flock of geese" and I\’ve never heard of an "unkindness of ravens" but I like it@Oh my CaptSorry no ducks, just geese, loons and herons…those guys are so big it wouldn\’t be wise to point a gun at any of them, they might rough you up ;)We\’re out of Nyquil as well so you\’re definitely unlucky here, my apologies@DebeannThanks for waiting…I have at least a beginning for you :)@junquedujour lol I definitely didn\’t get to sleep in thanks to the avian chorus…oh well


  8. I would have to disagree to that my dear, youre the lucky one. All the mountains, greenery, wildlife, lakes and rivers. Id give anything to pack the car up and drive 5 hours to the wilderness and just relax, would be heaven to me. Sadly if you can drive for 5 hours with out stopping in the UK every 10 minutes for an accident or road works, you\’d end up in a shit hole like London. Suppose Scotland is quite rugged and beautiful. But nah, Canada for me. Craig x


  9. @ CraigNipissing is Algonquin for "little water" referring to the shallowness of the lake…nothing to do with peeing at all =)Don\’t get me wrong I love Canada as well. It\’s just that it takes forever to get anywhere.Then again life itself is a journey not a destination so I guess I should just enjoy the ride (if I can afford the gas,lol).


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