On the Lake

Sun dappled weedy shadows ripple beneath the calm unknowing. Cold steel shining bright pierces the small cold heart. Blow flows, tail bites and he is gone. Sinking under calm waters to breath again midst the cool cover of dark weeds.

The call of the loon rises as the boat skips over the water. The languid flapping of great blue wings reaches to settle awkwardly within the heights of the jack pine. Red hawk cuts the air flying high and true over the water up above the cliffs. Shining quick silver, talon pierced, writhes on a first and final flight. Glint of silver scales stirs great blue wings to fill the sky in pursuit of that mercurial bounty.

6 thoughts on “On the Lake

  1. I sure wish I was there with my camera….Here I am on the Texas Gulf Coast watching disastr unfold in Mobile, Biloxie, Houna, New Orleans and other Gulf Shore places. My home has been spared this time.


  2. @ CherylI know you would have had a GREAT time with your camera. You certainly could have done it more justice than I did. We\’ve been watching the news and it looks pretty scary down south weatherwise. Hang in there and stay safe.:)@LuvleeI wish you could have come…Do you remember how dirty Daniel got at Lake Whittaker? When you got home the ring around the tub must have been a mile wide.lol@IndigoGlad to be back. We didn\’t have any beer on this trip BUT there was plenty of rum, Baileys and Sambuca. ;@)


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