An addendum in reference to the August 14th entry “Lionized”.
After reading said entry, my sister has done me the “favour” of searching through some old pictures to find this little gem. In case you’re interested…that’s me at 16 (with Telly Savalis and Orphan Annie), whiskered in my little catsuit and wig (there’s a cropped head underneath) living la vida loca. =@)

9 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. Hey you look pretty hot. Best stick a current picture up I reckon… And about the cheese thing, I know what you mean. It must surely be cheaper to use actual sliced cheese as opposed to developing some plastic equivelent… Craig x


  2. @ Craig"Hot"? I\’m wearing an old Eva Gabor wig for Christ\’s sake!LOL. As for the cheese – I agree but the more I think about how cheese is made (active bacterial culture and mold) the less I want to think about cheese and just enjoy it for the "mystery" I want it to be, plastic wrapper and all=)@MelissaWell we all have a past so I figured it wouldn\’t hurt to own up ;)@DebeannWoof!@CherylI guess so. Time has sufficiently removed me from the whole thing so that I can see it and laugh…When I look at it though I can\’t help but think that my kids have never been that "young" .


  3. @Lisa (Pepp)Thanks I think lol…you\’ve probably seen my sister\’s profile picture, she and I don\’t look a thing alike. We had different dads and she definitely takes after her father\’s side of the family while I look more like my mom\’s side of the family.


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