The Green Lair

The silent watcher lurks in darkness just beyond the black opening. Sweet green frames the danger in fragrant boughs of innocence. The lacy carpet whispers wide spirals in delicate lengths to lead the unknowing near peril’s command. Too close and the once carefree will tremble in silk wrapped steel, mesmerized by a thousand eyes. A quick thrust, hard, to breach the virgin breast. Venomous knives scabbarded in a velvet maw rip open the light to let the darkness in. A kiss so sweet has ever known the fading heart, embraced eternally in the strongest, softest, icy arms of love.

5 thoughts on “The Green Lair

  1. @JunquedujourSome of the nastiest things in life come in the nicest packages ;P@SilentThanksThe days are getting shorter and I can feel the slightest touch of autumn in the early morning air. It seems full of promise, it\’s my favourite time of year. :)Hope all is well with. @MelissaWhen I was taking the picture I could just see the "monster" watching me from the depths. I think it was weighing me up to see it I would make a large yet tasty meal. It was sort of creepy. Spiders always seem so ancient to me, primeval souls silently watching and waiting. For what I don\’t know.@ Crazywhitewoman3I\’ll try, you have a good one too =)


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