The Scout

There is an army in my garden and like all armies it marches on its stomach. Leaves broad and verdant that once shaded vibrant blooms now resemble doilies that would better serve as coverings for the backs of armchairs. Hostas, cornflowers, roses and hollyhocks, none are spared. If I could only find their headquarters I’d call for a truce to parlay my case. I’d treacherously offer up a martyr to save the fruit of all my protracted labours. After all there are acres and acres of soybeans just behind the pines out back. Granted it is cicada and cricket territory but they have so much while I have just one acre. They probably wouldn’t miss a bean leaf or two. Maybe I should put a little white flag out by the gladiolus just in case.

If memory serves me correctly this particular species should be laughing it up dancing the days away while the industrious ant prepares for the cold weather ahead. No such reprieve for my flowerbeds is in the offing this year I’m afraid.

A lone scout explores and marks a path for the troops to follow. Such a wide swathe of destruction from such a charming little fellow; he really should be wearing a little top hat and a napkin tucked into his paper collar. Sigh…






18 thoughts on “The Scout

  1. Hi, I did a huge page up today , crashed it and then deleted the old posts…..aghh comments too ! I am such the moron , thanks again for all your help and I didn\’t learn anything in high school carpentry that I didn\’t already know. But there are machines there….. Toad


  2. @ToadOh no! Poor Toad. I hate when my page crashes and I lose everything. Just between the two of us, I\’ve accidently deleted things as well on an occasion or two (or maybe three) so you\’re definitely not alone there. I know you\’ll figure it out. It just takes a bit of time.My son was very impressed with your turnings. I\’ve got a ton of maple in my garage from a tree that didn\’t last a wind storm 2 years ago so he can make lots of mistakes (that\’s the best way to learn). He\’s more of a html whiz and fix your car engine type of 15 year old so most of the machines are new to him. If he doesn\’t learn anything else at least he\’ll know what things are called.L@CherylThanks. I got your page to load today but then it froze when I tried to scroll down. Argggggh!!! Hope all is well with you.@cxdsrsReally? I didn\’t know that grasshoppers got worms. I do agree with you that nature is an equal opportunity land lord. She gives and takes away from all and sundry.;) @PatresaOh my God! You would freak if you were here then because they are huge and I can\’t believe how many there are of them. We send the boys out every 2 weeks to catch them and put them out in the garden but they keep coming back. Some of them are so fat that they look like they\’d explode if you poked them.Ewwwwwwwww lol@junquedujourI would get out the can of Raid but the damn things are getting so big I\’m afraid they might take the can away and spray me with it!=@)@IndigoLOL…what you don\’t know can\’t hurt you…unless it bites ;)@KatThanks for the sympathy, sigh, my poor hollyhocks…Oh well I\’ll plan better for next year\’s campaign.:)


  3. What beautiful pictures you have! Check my video on my space… a spider the size of a walnut in my brother\’s garage and we\’re feeding him.. he ate good that day…anyway thanks for the comment on my space today:) it\’s always appreciated.cya


  4. spiders as big as the one in the pic ALL OVER? are you kidding? that\’s a frickin\’ horror show! seriously!!incidentally, we have a really big one that keeps building a web right outside our back door. we tear it down, she builds it again. this morning my husband walked out adn right through it and FELT IT LAND ON HIS HEAD at which point he squealed and flailed and went totally nuts.(it was kind of entertaining, and i was really glad it was him and not me, because i would have died of a heart attack.)p


  5. Hey there, just stopping in. I wish I had more time for gardening. Even my flowerbed was neglected most of the time. It\’s time to bring in the plants. I always hate that because you have to treat them for pests!! Anyway, will stop by later, about to fall head first into the keyboard because I\’m tired!!! Ciao.


  6. @Uncle DavinActually I\’ve been trying to research the spiders around and in my house but there are so many it has become quite overwhelming. The Orb Weavers are not only numerous but exceedingly large. I am fascinated by them but I have a healthy regard for their predatory characteristics.@PatresaROFLMAO! Seriously, I laughed out loud when I read your comment. ^@^eeekkkk,lol@HmstdLdyAlways a pleasure to have you visit.:)@LanaThe feeling is mutual. =)L@Lisa (Pepp)I know what you mean. What are using for your plants? I think I\’m going to use a 50/50 mix of Ivory dish soap and water. Hopefully that will take care of any "hitchhikers".L


  7. Hello a small mark at the time of my passage on your very beautiful blog! congratulations! thanks for making us share your moments cordially from France¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨))((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:–:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* ~ Chris ~ -:¦:-


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