Twilight Afternoon

The ceiling above is a uniform grey, blank and unyielding. Sluggish light bleeds through the windows, impotent and weak. The listless breeze brushes limp fingers through hanging branches of pine. The promise of rain, unfulfilled, brings a bittersweet twilight to the day. The crickets sing an evening song. Their time is misplaced lost under the weight of impermeable, unwavering cloud. The sleepy earth sighs a cynic’s sigh, purses her mouth and turns away from the leaden lackluster sky.

9 thoughts on “Twilight Afternoon

  1. you forgot me, sitting under the gray sky, wrist bare w/a razor poised above it.(seemed to go w/what you wrote and i\’m feeling depressed from lack of nicotine)


  2. @aimsky27Know what you mean, I was feeling pretty down when I wrote it. And now on top of that …An hour ago my dog decided to tangle with a skunk. It\’s now 4:30 am… she\’s wet, I\’m wet and now we both smell like skunk. She was crying so loud as I was washing her that I\’m surprised no one called the cops. She\’s outside in her crate right now probably confused and thinking that I hate her. Just a great addition to the week I\’m having. I\’d have a drink but I don\’t think it would just be one at this point.:(L


  3. That\’s it: I\’m sending my cat (she eats crickets for me because they…drive…me…BONKERS!), some tomato juice for the dog bath, AND lots of drinks. Some days, you\’ve just got to say, what the f*ck!


  4. ooh, that last sentence is RICH! The sleepy earth sighs a cynic\’s sigh, purses her mouth and turns away from the leaden lackluster sky. beautiful.patresa


  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Some people think they are lucky to have fathers, some feel sadly they don\’t… I am sorry you didn\’t have one, but that being sad, some are sad they do. I really enjoy your space, you are an incredible writer.


  6. @IndigoLOLI don\’t think tomato juice would have helped. Kera took a direct hit to the face and even "Skunk Off " is struggling with the consequences of her actions …but definitely send your cat (you can come too), we\’ve got enough crickets to keep her more than happy and drinks all around sounds REALLY good to me even 2 days later. =)@PatresaSometimes even the mother earth has had enough, don\’t you think? ;)@LauraYou can really tell your brother has a heart of gold.@Mountain Woman (Rosesiren1)When I was growing up I never realized what I was missing , not having a dad around. It was only when I married and saw my son with his stepdad that I realized what a gift a good father can be. You are truly blessed.L


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