The View From My Room

This blog has existed over four different blogging platforms since I began blogging almost 15 years ago. As it’s been moved from service to service not all the media was carried forward. Unfortunately the album originally connected to this post is no longer accessible. Rather than deleting this post instead I’ve chosen today (2019-06-07) to link my art blog featuring some of my continuing work. Please visit this link if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to.

13 thoughts on “The View From My Room

  1. i had never heard of laser treatment to quit smoking, sounds odd. i\’ll have to research it some. i was thinking of getting hypnotized.


  2. Hi,thank you for stopping by, I love the view from your room,such beauty,such talent,the colors so rich and dreamy, and thanks for the bike ride through your neck of the woods with the butterflies and their compatriots from mexico,felt good to get out and feel the breeze on my face….later…


  3. @CherylI like that face as well. I was trying to find a way to control light using different tones and values…happy accident I guess.@JunquedujourI did that study when I was out of canvas and it\’s actually painted on an old clothe book cover. I know, shame on me for defiling a book. I try to be better prepared now-a-days.;)@CindyThanks for the invite@LeeI need the finished place you know. Then you\’ll see me run. I\’ll save a shelf or two for you if you\’d like.@HmstdLdy Actually it\’s just a small sample of some of the stuff I have lying around my workspace. I took my portfolio apart several years ago (it was mostly full of commercial murals anyway) as I got involved in design and volume painting for the giftware industry. Lately I\’ve been thinking it might be a good idea to start putting something together again but I\’d like it to be more indicative of the direction I want to go in. @aimsky27 Definitely it\’s worth a look if you\’re having trouble. I\’ve also heard that acupuncture is an option. Who knows, different strokes for different folks I guess.@BLACK_HAWK9176 Glad you could stop byL=)@TheWatcher-cxdsrs Hey Did you get a chance to get out and about? If so, I hope you remembered your camera.;)


  4. I want to be you when I grow up! I am envious! hehe You are one gifted Lady! Thank you so much for sharing! All of photos in that album are lovely!Kat


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