Déjà Vu

I met a man today or maybe I should say I met a man today again. As I held his hand for a brief moment in greeting, as his eyes met mine, I felt something familiar or maybe something akin. It’s not the first time something like this has happened. Our lives are formed layer upon layer through trial and error. The time we are allotted, we are given to believe, is finite and defined by certain unarguable boundaries. There is a common human experience that joins us all. Six degrees of separation are said to stand between an individual and the sum total of all the inhabitants of this world. Chromosomally there is little difference between a human and a banana. Given that matter and energy do not cease to exist but only change from one form to another, is it possible that at one time my breath sprang from another’s lips and my thoughts lived another’s life? Who is to say that the hand that touched mine and that the eyes that held me, were not my own eyes and my own hand once parted but found again? We return to the earth there is no denying that. Do we rise up again to spring forth as something new carrying all that was before within us?

6 thoughts on “Déjà Vu

  1. Good entry for one who is going to start all over in a few weeks and maybe have a bananna left. I will be back to enjoy your wonderful writing as soon as i find an internet connection.According to CNN this hurricane is headed right for my front door and I have to evacuate in the morning. I live just west of Galveston on the bay. Such a price to pay for the splendor and beauty of waking up to the waves and Grandfather Sun every day. I just built my new house and I guess it will be smitherines when I return….Just have to build another one I guess!Cheryl


  2. Hey there. Thanks for returning the visit. I like the way you write and would like to come back here now and again for the occasional inspiration, so I have linked to you from my site. I hope you don\’t mind.Have a great day.


  3. yes, I agree…we would be making the most of our lives if we could simply relieve ourselves from hte status quo, or just take a risk…I thought you\’d be happy to know that a friend and I have made a list of things we want to accomplish this year…more on the risk taking side…mainly like rock climbing, white water rafting, etc…kind of make the mondain life more interesting!


  4. i have met people that i seemed to already know also, after 5 min.s it\’s like i\’ve known them forever. freaky.i agree about the woman bringing the little kid to see that movie, she must\’ve been a crackwhore or something. i hope she can afford the life-long therapy the kid is gonna need from watching that movie, i haven\’t slept in 3 days and i\’m 27.


  5. @SguidgyAmandaIt\’s for the best really@CherylWe\’re sick with worry over everyone in the path of the next storm. I pray that you\’ll weather the storm safe and sound and that your house will be waiting for you when you return. Stay safe!@SimonI don\’t mind at all. It\’s lovely to have you visit. :)@MalikaI am happy to know it. There\’s a whole wide world out there. Go and meet it headlong and open armed.@AimskyHaven\’t slept in three days? I feel for you, I\’ve been there myself.


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