Incandescent Spirit

Blazing stars sing an accompaniment to the brightest of moons. There have been days the earth fretted under less lustrous heavens than those that grace her curves tonight. Burning foxfire, cold iridescent blue blaze alight the stone, the leaf, the vine. Velvet dark, deep indigo, the forbidden shadows sing a dangerous siren’s call. Ancient ethereal luminosity gives lie to the yoke of man. Cold, eternal and unyielding, it is beautiful beyond reckoning.



Caelum videre iussit, et erctos as sidera tollere vultus






8 thoughts on “Incandescent Spirit

  1. Good afternoon and hope you\’re doing alright. No, I\’m not lost, just in my usual haze. I\’ve been busy mostly job hunting and haven\’t been inspired to blog much. Of course I\’m not that good a writer anyway, so it takes alot for me to sit down and type, but I\’ve been called back to work now, so we shall see. Hope everythings ok at your end of the world and that I\’ll see you soon. Take care.Your CaptVoted "Most Likely To Return Fire" (j/k)


  2. you know, i just love the idea of earth "fretting." i think that\’s my favorite line.and yes, i suppose bowing under a cobweb is sort of karma-like considering my howling laughter at my husband\’s run-in. darn you for bringing that up!p


  3. finally got about 8hrs of sleep last night. felt fine most of the day but now i\’m cranky and tired again, even more so than usual. i think i need a good 24 hrs of sleep.


  4. Very true….how much confidence would it give a person if they found the person that just loved them for themself? AHHH BUT the tricky part is finding that person, and in that process, it could take a toll on your self confidence ;);) if you have found that person, i ENVY you, just as i envy my parents for finding each other


  5. @PatresaLOL@LisaHow\’s your countdown doing?@Aimsky27Glad you got your 8 hours. I imagine the lack of nicotene is having an effect upon you as well. Hang in there. ;)@Malika I must admit it is a good starting point but it doesn\’t get you straight through to the finish line.@ToadHey Toad, how\’s it hopping ;P


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