When Words Won’t Serve

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

9 thoughts on “When Words Won’t Serve

  1. @LanaI\’m glad you think so as it often seems to me you might have taken up permanent residence@DreamyThe picture has nothing on actually stnding there in front of it all@JockNo need to cry Jock. This panorama presented itself on the last trip of the summer. Though the lake close to my house can be just a beautiful.@JaimeI did take it but I was just recorded what was there. I can\’t claim any responsibility for the incredible view.;)@MelissaDitto@ToadI did take it. It\’s Lake Nipissing near Noelville. Toady how can you say pink is in? Red is the new pink don\’t cha\’ know?;P


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