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I have been tagged by Amanda. She’s living the good life over at Vida Bonita


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She’s a very lovely girl who paid heed to my whining and said it was okay if I did an abbreviated version of this quiz. So with gratitude to Amanda’s understanding heart here’s…


7 Things About Nothing

Please substitute the number 1 where you see 7

 Deadly Something or An others….


7 Things that scare me:


Not dead people but the act of metamorphosis itself

I know it’s coming I just wish I wouldn’t see it on the face of every person I meet


7 things I like:

Like not love right? I like books…not just reading them, but the way they look, the way they smell.  I want to own books just for the sake of owning them. The older the better. I’m a book junky and I get my fix whenever I can.


7 important things in my room:

The light. It’s not good to sleep in the dark….


7 random facts about me:

There is a boy on my son’s football team that thinks I’m attractive…sort of gross I know but it is random. He’s really weird about it…saying hello and standing over me while an awkward silence ensues.


7 things I plan to do before I die:

See the pyramids. Mexico or Egypt… either would be fine but both would be better


7 Things I can do:

Make something out of nothing. Be it the kitchen, the shop or an argument trust me I can make something out of nothing.


7 things I can’t or won’t do:

Kill an animal. I know I’m a hypocrite. I love a steak but if I had to kill the cow I would pass. PETA should shun me as a lost cause.  


7 things I say the most:

Look you don’t have to say “Sorry” just don’t do it anymore. The dog thinks I’m an idiot when I say this to her.


7 celebrity crushes:

Johnny Depp (a la Benny and Joon) is pretty hot but I have to say John Goodman. I love a man with a sense of humour who can eat ‘cuz I like to laugh and I like to cook (someone’s got to eat all that food and it’s not going to be me!)


7 people I tag to do this:

Anybody who wants to do it really


And that’s it. It isn’t what you really need to know about me. The most important thing I can tell you “That’s really about nothing” is that I am crazy about Rice Krispies squares. Not the kind that you buy already made in the individually wrapped packages. I’m nuts for the home made too much butter, vanilla from Mexico, extra gooey because you used too much marshmallows kind. I like to go in the kitchen and cut myself a one inch by one inch square piece because I’m trying to show some restraint. Then it’s just one more “small” piece and then one more…it never ends. It’s too sad how those little golden squares reduce me to a quivering mass of desire…sigh


10 thoughts on “Tag I’m It

  1. Look you don’t have to say “Sorry” just don’t do it anymore. The dog thinks I’m an idiot when I say this to her. You just gave me my first laugh for the day…oh, and substituting 1 whenever there should be 7…are you SURE you\’re a good cook?? 😉


  2. I love your "reviews" of my writing. I recieve a lot of generic comments from people passing through, but when certain people including you comment, it is always inciteful and shows that you take the time to read and understand. Please return as often as you like:) You are appreciated. I have been pretty busy for a month..I\’ve just been posting a little bit here and there when I get a chance, but I haven\’t had the time to read up any other spaces… this weekend is mine! I will be by to read what you\’ve written;)cheers


  3. My weaknees is chocolate. I can eat it all day, and never ever get fed up of it. Last year for my birthday I told everybody to get me Godiva, well I got 5 huge boxes of it. It was all gone within 2 days, and I ate it all alone. Selfish I know…but its just so good. *sigh* I want chocolate now.Amanda


  4. @IndigoThe 1 for 7 only applies to quizzies lol. Am I a good cook? I can put a good 50 to 60 pounds on a man without breaking a sweat, just ask the hubby. :p@Uncle DavinStop by anytime. I\’m always looking for new stuff at your space. Your writing seems raw both honest and immediate.@CherylMmmmm Rice Krispie squares. How can something so simple be so good?@GodsChildCari_521 Sometimes I think it helps to step back and look at things from a new perspective.@AmandaChocolate\’s yummy as well but for me it just doesn\’t hold the enchantment of those little golden squares… sigh lol


  5. Ahhh….homemade rice krispy squares. We have become addicted. Hubby makes his "healthy version" with Barbara\’s whole grain rice krispies and he throws in a couple of cups of organic Honey Nut O\’s…makes a nice texture. Butter… never magarine and we too cut them in EDBD squares.


  6. Hi — found your comment and space at Cheryls (lost and dangerous).Very nice blogging! And your photo of the sunrise (or is it sunset??) is beautiful.Come for a visit!Best, Nan


  7. Hello again L. You got a not-so-secret admirer then huh? Awkward silences are the worst aint they? Been to a pyramid in Mexico before. Went to Chichen Itza when I was in Cancun for a holiday in \’98. One of my things is history of civilisation and I was in awe of the whole structure. Would love to go to Egypt as well. Craig x


  8. @Ruthmmmmm…butter is the best. I think I\’m actually drooling (jk). Seriously I don\’t know what it is about them but Rice Krispies squares are the best especially in EDBD squares. I feel the same way about Canada Dry gingerale (nectar of the gods by the way). You know that question "What would you take if you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island?" Well obviously I\’d take water and some type of canned goods to ensure survival but I would still seriously consider the gingerale and Rice Krispies squares.@NanIt\’s a sunset actually and thanks for the invite. I\’ll certainly stop by.=) @CraigIt\’s really odd, that boy. I just don\’t get it but oh well go figure????You\’re so lucky to have seen even a small bit of the ancient world. I\’m just fascinated by ancient civilizations. I\’m an A&E, History and Discovery Channel junky. If they\’re unearthing a new tomb or something like I\’m interested. The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (about 2 hours from here) has a great permanent collection of "antiquities" and I go whenever I can. I\’d really love to see Egypt as I\’ve said but the news always makes it sound like everything is falling apart over there. Even so I\’ll go if I get the opportunity.xL


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