Seasons clothe the far-reaching fields. First comes the green, sweet and tender. Bright in the morning of the year, it is followed by the hard accent of that annual noon heralding the change from growth to ripening. Gold is the colour of the orb’s twilight rotation turning to seek its rest. The night is found at last under blankets of white that swaddle the land through the cold barren span of the day’s end.

     Lightening scarred, battle weary, the solitary watcher rides the hours of each year’s day. His gnarled arms, verdant raiment long forgotten, spread in supplication. Let the land rise up in waves. Let the wind and the rain lay old souls low. Grant rest eternal in the whirlpool tide.  Sweet gratitude would welcome that eddy’s embrace, free to slip below the surface, sinking away from light, life and duty. Cry mercy for a lonely guardian. Grant oblivion in the arms of the mother, let the vigil be done at last.

7 thoughts on “Weary

  1. As always…youre quite excellent at what you do. On occasion there is a flutter of envy… but mostly joy at being able to read your words.Sher


  2. I Just stopped to wish you and all you love great happiness….(´*•.¸ (´*•.¸ ¸.•*´) ¸.•* ) ..::…¨´•¤ Stacy ¤¸.• ..::.. ..(¸.•*(¸.•*´ ´*•.¸)*•.¸)..


  3. That was wonderful.. It sounds like something you would read at a funeral. I never know what to say when they ask me to say a few words. Don\’t know if what you wrote would fit as most of the people i go to funerals for are young adults…clients of mine. Anyway, I\’m old so it would abe appropriate for mine. Maybe I should sent it to everyone…To be mailed after I pass.Cheryl


  4. @SherI was gazing across the fields while we were driving home from football. The black of this old tree was sharply silhouetted against the gold of the fields. It was like a skeletal hand straining up begging the sky for release. It really was quite beautiful but very sad. @StaceyHello, ditto@ToadI did read the rest of your story and my fears were allayed.=p@AimskyDO NOT beat yourself up. You\’re only human. Give it a while and try again. Best of luckL@CherylIf you\’re just coming up on retirement I\’d say you have many more "good years ahead of you" to be cliche. I do think that the more one lives and the more one sees how life really is random the more conscious you become of the frailty of the human race. Death is the universal end…hopefully it is a sweet and welcome release for us all.@ XenaTheWarriorPrincess01 Thanks I will. Just as a sidebar of interest the neighbour\’s dog is named Xena. She\’s a little rat terrier and her dog companion is called Gabriel…who says truckers don\’t have a sense of humour.;)


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