The Garnet Reap

Rows upon rows of carmine conscripts, the army of an age old seducer first fills my waking hours and then my dreams.

The knife bites the scarlet tide and life’s blood drips a clear sweet nectar. Discarded hearts and strips of flesh pile high to rot under a merciless sun. Warmonger wasps and poor country mice loot the corpses, emptying the pockets of every last scrap. Ravaging even the bruised and discarded hearts the scavengers make a macabre feast and devour the auburns jewels within.



5 thoughts on “The Garnet Reap

  1. Golly what a post…I guess that is what happens after we all die unless we are cremated. You could use it as an advertisement for cremation….You sold me…Cheryl


  2. @ AmandaIt\’s apple harvest and I think it\’s starting to get to me. The little red bodies just keep on stacking up in the kitchen as the tree outback gives up its bounty. I\’m starting to think I should just try and hide them under the compost pile.@CherylAre you having a bad run or is it just my writing? I\’m definitely opting for cremation by the way but sometimes I worry that if I do they won\’t be able to clone me later (like they\’d want to but I\’m such a sci- fi freak).=)


  3. Ah, apples, mine are gone, now…except for the ones I deliberately left on the tree…and I was thinking tomatoes, too…still have a few of them…only they are yellow…


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