Seeking the Beacon

Flying in the dark, a straight line marks the surface of a blind depth. The mist, like a wave, breaks over the hood and begins to rise.

A flood of brackish vapor laps at the window. Ethereal fingers caress the glass, reaching first to shoulder height and then lunging up to wrap around the reflected neck. Purchase gained, the clammy tendrils crawl up higher to smother mouth, nose and at last eyes. We are engulfed.

Time slows as distances fade. Only the broken yellow line, lost itself just ahead on the road, marks progress through the invisible world.  We break the surface as we crest a hill…a gasping breath, and the undertow drags us down again.  


8 thoughts on “Seeking the Beacon

  1. INDEED. This piece is well done, I wonder if the undertow is life. What i take away from this beauty is true frustration. Its perfect. Thank you with all my heart for your kind words left on my poetry as well. I appreaciate it much.Many hugs, Silent


  2. yeah, we\’re gonna get a battery for it this weekend and see what happens. we had to disconnect the fan b/c it runs whether the car is on or not, all the time. weird. i might check out that carfax thingy.


  3. @SilentYou definitely have an eye for a theme.=)L@KathrynIt\’s actually sort of "in progress" I might say it\’s a panel of a triptych…I\’ve finished the second but I haven\’t fully visualized the third panel yet…I don\’t know if it needs one. I\’m going to think about it a bit more. Sometimes when you\’re painting you need to put the canvas aside for a while. Later when you return to it your eyes are clear and you see it in its own light.@Libby (whamjam)lol…You\’re too kind…it was pretty cheesy@AimskyThat fan thing sound like a wonky relay…not a big deal. Are you sure you need a new battery? If the fan is running all the time that\’s probably the issue with the one you have.@CindyIt is very warm here still (unseasonable so) but I\’m not going to complain as there are other areas of Canada that have snow already. Snow…boo… hisss ;(I hope all is well with you. I\’ve been busy with canning but I do plan on getting out and visiting more spaces soon.=)L @CherylI do like my words…I am a Chatty Cathy so to speak.;pL


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