Under Siege

     Unseasonably warm October weather has delayed the parade of autumn’s coat of many colours. While we wait for the onslaught of that glory we are laid under siege. Each morning finds the landscape strewn with an ever growing number of corpses piling up higher haphazardly stacked like cords of firewood. The annual influx of fish flies, also known as dayflies, Canadian soldiers or shadflies, has begun.

     Beautiful gossamer wings crown sinuous stripped torsos. Empty of all but a burning desire (and the air that fills their digestive systems) they live for nothing but the hunt of procreation’s heated embrace. Each night a new army girds itself and joins the fray seeking a place of glory in Valhalla’s vaulted halls. Entry it seems is only to be gained on the white-hot blade of burning consummation.

     There is no shame in this penultimate act of sacrifice. Drawn to the light they will commit these final desperate charges within the rays of whatever false sun that can be found. Pull back the blinds and a scene worthy of Hitchcockian horror greets the viewer. The outside world is lost to sight obscured by an immense wall of flesh, blindly scrambling, a pulsating mass of bodies intertwined and interlocked. Coating the windows, tumbling over each other in rapturous ecstasy, the minute forms coalesce to create an orgiastic curtain of writhing bodies. The span of each night marks the time of this legendary tryst and only dawn slows the wanton rhythm of passion’s desperation.

     The light of day lays bare the fallen. Crisp bodies crunch underfoot. Spider webs hang heavy, laden with the bodies of those too blinded by passion and nature to avoid those murderous pitfalls. The odor of the lake at low tide, like the smell of blood, overlays the fields.

     Another night and new multitudes rise and take to the skies. They will join those still waiting to pass over into the western lands. Lemming like they seek the light with a voracious appetite that is not to be denied. Though empty husks slow the flood, those that follow climb that piled legion to sate a hunger absolute. 



15 thoughts on “Under Siege

  1. @ToadThe windshield of the van has acquired a decidedly "spotty" appearance that I think might require a brillo pad to repair. My sympathies to your grill.;p@LeeI know I should hate them but I\’m fascinated by the blind obedience to this primal urge. I\’ve run my hand across the windows and banged on the glass, all to no avail. They are oblivious to my presence. If I wanted to ,in the morning, I could scoop up handfuls of their rapidly drying corpses and let them run through my hands like water. Such a massive number of beings, so intend on the same purpose, it really is amazing.


  2. Love your writing…..In Louisiana we had "love bugs" – they were a pain in the arse–everywhere, flying in your hair, stuck to the car and if you didn\’t get them off in time-the paint would come off with them….twice a year they came…I dont\’ miss them.


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  4. @JunquedujourlolI always think that about holiday dinners as I try to squeeze into my jeans the next day ;P@HippshollowI\’m glad you enjoyed it…not everyone loves a "bug story"(theme to a "Love Story" swells in the background=})@KathrynI know what you mean. I can\’t even put the garbage out without inhaling a lungful…ewwww…lol.


  5. I was quite young when we left Ontario, so I don\’t remember the bug phenomenon. I have heard my parents and my grandmother talk about the massive shad fly invasion though. Interesting!


  6. I\’M RETIRED…Had my party and it was wonderful. It is now real. Do you hear the book slamming on this chapter? A new book is now beginning….


  7. its amazing how they forge ahead from the drive within. hmmm. reminds me of people.. how we go and go and go until we cannot give anymore.. maybe end up on the grille of a truck or in a web of sorts too! Beautiful, as usual…Julie


  8. I\’ve learned something new…I\’ve never heard of these bugs…but, you know, I have a dusk to dawn light outside that attracts bugs at night, and what is on the ground, looking for an easy meal…a bunch of toads!…they alway underfoot when you go outside in the evening…darn toads!…lol…


  9. @TammyWell you can certainly tell them that things haven\’t changed here ~~~~~&< ~~~~&<@CherylWell FINALLY…lol.I wish you the best of luck on this new venture. Tomorrow is a blank page. What will you write? ;)@Julie"how we go and go and go" I hope that\’s not what you\’re planning on doing for too much longer. Working 14 hour days with the long drive both ways is a recipe for "grill attraction".Thanks for stopping by…now get some sleep!!L@PatThat\’s so funny. I have a multitude of toads that have taken up residence in my yard and they\’re getting so fat they can barely move. Actually they don\’t really have to do much of anything but open up their mouths and the fishflies fly right in. I think you\’re right about your toads. They\’re just waiting for the bugs to hit the light and fall directly in.Ewwwwwwwww, lol, Oh well at least someone is happy.=)L


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