What terrible poignancy that we are born with the spark of our own demise contained within us. All that our lives will be, the span that is allotted to each and every one of us, is held within that blueprint of our design. If we are lucky enough the road map will direct us to the second half of our crescent moon; that which rounds us out and makes us whole.

The metamorphosis is an uneasy and sometimes painful transformation but all growth requires sacrifice and pain.  The entirety of being, two divided yet one, reflects the light of love in the clearest of icy rays in homage to the creator’s brilliant radiance. The waxing and waning of the night’s face echoes the ebb and flow of our tides. There must be dark so that we may know the light. The constant is contained within the inconstant and nothing is given but the unknown epilogue.

15 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. well… luckily i don\’t have a clue what the design looks like, or it would take all the fun out of buying lottery tickets…slainte!m


  2. Hi again,Ahh the design is there alright,the physical genes decide our physical attributes,how long we live,and for the most part it is unknown,the spiritual or what I call the awakening of ones\’ mind to see the many different colors of the fabrics that make up the human existance often never reveals itself to very many of us.To break free from our made in everyone else\’s image way of learning,or being taught is so refreshing,I recommend it to all.The world\’s epilogue has already been written,ours,like you say, given,yet unknown.You do write thought inducing words.I thank you for sharing. And thanks for stopping by and commenting.Point well taken.Its amazing when the most popular media of our time fails to represent 99% of the populace,oh well what can we ungreek like,hairy,abbless,over the hill gang do but complain.Later…


  3. " the light of love in the clearest of icy rays "…….. Oh yeah, I\’ll be using that line for sure! I\’m visiting for the first time. Very nice! I love your writing.


  4. " The constant is contained within the inconstant and nothing is given but the unknown epilogue. " That is really puzzling me now …


  5. The true poignancy is in the way you seem to consistently describe life\’s everyday being and its struggles in a way that probes deeply into the soul and touches the nadir of the heart.Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us. Your contributions are for the betterment of us all.


  6. Isn\’t all transformation painful? Or is it just me who is pained by change.I am a taurus. haha.This is wonderful. Im happy that you share it with Spaces.Hugs Silent


  7. Lorna: simple terms. We are born, We live, we die.We may be lucky to have a good life, but no matter what the person with the most toys still dies he just has a better time of it.


  8. amen.that is gross that she spit in your mouth. one time me and my sister jenn got in a fight and i bit her in the face. she started crying and then she bit me in the face, and i started crying. (we were really young) my mom came in the kitchen and we were both just standing there crying and she didn\’t know why. we had been fighting over the cat food cans, they were our favorite toy.


  9. @Patresa(or Puh as I affectionately think of you, lol)I hope you like it because it\’s waiting in store for all of us.oooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! =DL@MarkusI must confess I dabble in the lottery as well. I figure it must be just about as good an investment as Canadian Bonds by now. ;p@RobertI myself has always been a fan of sharing and hairy ab-less apes. I enjoy the intellectual attractor but , unfortunately brains don\’t seem to be a popular media device. :P@The MafiaManHoney from what I hear you don\’t need any lines.=)@ToadyIt\’s like an equation for life.Life is ever changing equaling the inconstant… but hidden beneath that chaos of diverging and merging paths there is the constant representing the mystery of our finite and predefined selves.Or something like that. ;)@ChrisThanks@KathrynWelcome back. I hope your time away was enjoyable and productive.@PatI too would prefer not to know. I think it\’s better that way.@SimonOnce again Simon you\’ve made me blush. They\’re merely pictures painted with words instead of a brush. I\’m attempting to draw a frame around a particular thought or concept. I want to say "See, here it is. You may have passed it by on any other day but today you must look and see how beautiful it really is". I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you\’re getting "out and about".@CherylI do think that for the most of us there is some sort of balance. If not here then maybe "after".L@SilentChange is often difficult because it involves the unknown. We all fear the unknown to a certain extent so you\’re definitely not alone there. ;)@MMThe picture is actually my feet planted on the old dock that rests beside the western arm of the Nipissing but that\’s neither here nor there…lolI do think that quality of life is to be preferred over quantity but if you can have both, why not?@AimskyEwwwwwww. I hope the cans were washed out at least!My sister and I didn\’t really become friends until we grew up. Even as teenagers we\’d still slug it out. I could write a book, I tell ya"…. :PL


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