The Collector

     The wind came in today to call an old friend out to play. It reached for the wings that time had stilled and recalled with a trembling caress the summer days of light and clover in meadows far away.


     I am a collector of things. I say things because although I think they have value, I’m sure most people would disagree with me. My collection spans years and has been tucked into the various nooks and crannies that make up my household. There are several themes that run through my menagerie but each item must meet one basic criteria…in my eyes the item in question must be beautiful beyond question. Often my treasures are discovered in out-of-the-way places. If I care enough to carry something a mile or two to get it home it HAS to be beautiful. I am aware that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. If a thief was to break into my home I’m sure he’d bypass these particular trifles, as they aren’t jewel encrusted or Pentium powered.

     There are people who know my taste and like to keep an eye out for items to add to my collection. All contributions that meet the strict criteria are gladly accepted. The frailest of mementos have found a place on the windowsill and adjacent shelf in my workroom. The most prominent items at this time include the skull of a unidentified animal, two cicada husks, the teeth of a small rodent, a bird’s nest, a crab claw from Massachusetts, several fossils encased in rock and the remains of a large monarch butterfly. The condition of the butterfly makes it a rare gift, as it isn’t often that one would find such a specimen outside of a conservatory or museum. Found totally intact, not a scale or an antennae missing, it made the journey here reverently wrapped in tissue and encased in a lunchbox for safekeeping.

     It was found in a large industrial factory. This isn’t as strange as you might think. Many animals live in factories. Birds, raccoons and squirrels are just a few. Many different types of insects hitch rides and travel thousands of miles from their homes to arrive in our northern climes (black widows up from Mexico are some of the nastier surprises that might be found). The butterfly may have been one of thousands that journeyed south on the annual monarch migration. It may have lingered too long or traveled the distance only to find itself transported back to these northern lands. Either way the journey, as it once knew it, is over. No tropical oasis will warm its last days nor cold northern roadside mark its passing.


     Beautiful orange and black scaled wings, as colourful and delicate as the day they first emerged from the cocoon, reflect the sun as they tremble in the gentle autumn breeze that trickles in the window. The room is filled with the smell of earth, grass and leaves. Just for a moment the butterfly is reborn as the moving air breathes an illusion of life. The prismed wings rise as if to answer the silent call. Light and air dances round the room and like the hand of God stirs the spirit trapped within and carries it away.

      I am, as I have said, a collector of things, things that most people would hold in little to no regard. To me these are items of mystery and of wonder and a beauty that is almost too terrible to bear.


12 thoughts on “The Collector

  1. While I never saw it…the most unusual collection i\’ve ever heard of was dung. This person had a vast collection of animal and bird feces. I wish I had asked more questions.


  2. What a interesting collection !.There are so many treasures to collect from nature.To discover them and preserve them can bring so much joy and inspiration.


  3. i love butterflies, there\’s this park near my house where i walk, and there are the most beautiful butterflies there, all diff. colors. i\’m torn between liking the blue ones or purple ones the best. not sure why i always feel like i have to have a favorite.that rape scene from pulp fiction was nauseating. that\’s how i feel every time that fat freak licks his lips at me. you def. called that one.


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  5. I think I like your collection . I have been collecting handtools from prior centuries for 20 years…. wow has it been that long ? On a totally different topic did you ever spend any quality time with a like named boy on a Jungle Gym when you were 15 ?


  6. Just to wish you a happy Sunday x*,,,,\’\’\’\’\’,,,,,*(¯\’\’°v°\’\’¯)*,,,,\’\’\’\’\’,,,,,,,(_.^._)*,,,,,,,,;;,,,,,,☆*,,,,,,,,,,,,;,☆*,,,,,,,,,,☆♥,,,,,,BIG♥,,,,☆♥,,☆*,,,,,,,,☆,,,,HUGS,,,,☆,,,,,,,,☆*,,,,,,,,,,☆,,☆,,☆,,,,,, ♥ x Bunmi Darling x ♥,,☆


  7. @RuthPerhaps the collector acquaintance was an admirer of Piero Manzoni? ;)@DebeannI agree. I don\’t think that I will ever become jaded by the beauty of what nature provides.@AimskyButterflies are pretty hard to pin down (oops bad pun…not literally). I have yet to meet one I didn\’t like. =)@CherylThat definitely sounds like a collection that I would find very interesting.@Toad"wow has it been that long?" lol. I know Exactly how you feel about that. Do you use the hand tools you collect or are they "object d\’art" ?Let see 15…hmmm. I would have been living in Niagara Falls, working at the public library as a page and spending some of my extracurricular time as secretary for the physics club (really it wasn\’t as bad as it sounds). Sorry, I don\’t remember a jungle gym in there anywhere. =) @CindyThanks, you too@Melissa=@)


  8. Beauty is found all around us isnt it? In the most unlikely places. Its all how we look at THINGS. I must have baskets in my house. MUST. I must have candles and many different holders, mostly antique or hand made. I also must have oil lamps, most are antiques too, But if not, is ok, As long as they burn parrafin.Many hugs Silent


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