Rainy Day


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Aimsky27 stole my ? The answer to your ? is smoother than a baby\’s bum . Cool photo , is the water drops refracting the light ? Is that a feather spine ?? All these questions ugghhh !


  2. lol..looks like a fishing lure in the middle.It\’s been rainy and chilly around here also. I keep hearing the weatherman say it\’s that Canadian air pushy down on us.


  3. @MarkusThanks Markus@AimskyThe picture was taken on the beach and it\’s actually a small pebble.@ToadBaby\’s bottom eh…that\’s pretty damn smooth. Re: grape ?…see Amy\’s answer.I found this odd little mosaic of items gathered together on the beach. I thought that the textures and colours came together to create something completely different. The day was so cold and damp but the picture is full of fire and warmth. The natural oil of the bird\’s feather caused the droplets of rain to pool in a beautiful cascade. That was actually what first caught my attention. I wish I could take credit for the composition but I just found it that way.L@DebeannOops sorry about that…we do have a large amount of all kinds of weather up here. Sometimes it tends to wanderlol@SimonThings are falling around here alright. Sigh…autumn is my favourite time of year but this one…well it\’s definitely been something.Hope all is well in your world ;)L


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