Under The Gothic Moon

     These things don’t happen in the dead of winter as the earth slumbers a deep and soundless sleep, heavy under the blankets of snow and rocked by northern winds. These things don’t happen in the spring of the year when life is like the tenderest of buds bursting with the green freshness of potential nor in the pregnant summer when the earth is in its full bloom. The twilight moment between the cycles when the earth lays down to rest away another year, in between waking and sleep, finds this sphere open to influences beyond the ken of this world.

      The black cat arrived on our doorstep a little over 2 weeks ago on a dark moonless night. We had just lost our family pet, a long hair Maine coon cat, less than a month before. Her loss didn’t come as a complete surprise. She was a city cat, it was her first autumn outdoors and the corn was high in the fields around our lonely house. A cat, no matter how domesticated we might think, is still a cat. They will roam and they will hunt and they will walk in the wild places because they must be true to their nature. Most of the time they come home but sometimes they just get lost. 

     The new arrival was a beautiful cat, unusually large with short sleek black fur the colour of a raven’s wing and eyes a deep emerald green marked by amber flecks of gold. Even for a cat he was strangely confident and self-possessed. Our dog, normally curious about all things moving, took to staying in the kitchen immediately after the cat’s arrival but this was quickly associated with her young age and her leanings toward the dramatic. The dog was told to get over it; the cat was christened with the name of Michael and was adopted into the family.

     My husband is a shift worker on the 11pm to 7am shift. We lead separate lives of a sort. He likes to keep the same sleep schedule on the weekend and as a result I sleep alone every night, that is, until Michael came. Instead of wandering at night as most cats do, Michael quickly took proprietorship of the empty side of the bed. His heavy purring was much more melodious than my husband’s snoring and it was nice to have a warm body beside me as the nights began to turn cold.

     I’ve never had such vivid dreams. My sleeping eyes find me under a night sky silvered by the gothic moon. The light is the blue light of the full moon. The yard is caressed by the waves of a cerulean ocean dripping with luminescent pearls. Fingers of breeze tug at my dress, exploring the fall of hair and the naked skin of my shoulders and neck. The shadows are as dark as a raven’s wing, soft as silk, sensuous as sable and they sing. It is October and my bare feet should be cold but they aren’t. The light of the moon embraces me with a heat I’ve never known. The voices swell and the night fills me till I wake at dawn.

     Each night for the past two weeks I’ve dreamt this dream, each night since Michael came. With each sleeping moment the song becomes clearer, the silver light becomes brighter. Each morning I wake to find Michael laying beside me, warm and dark, his emerald eyes sharp and intent. Tonight is Halloween. On such a night, it is said, the doors between the worlds open. Perhaps, if one was called and if one dared they might pass through. Tonight will also be graced by the fullest of moons, the gothic moon. It is a moon that will be so full and so bright it will rival the sun in power and beauty. Like a lantern this moon might light the way and show paths never seen on any other night. I know it is the moon of my dreams.

     It is just midnight and Michael is calling me. For the first time since he’s come to stay with me he’s ready to roam the night. I will go with him out under the moon. I can hear the voices clearly now. They are calling me. Under my waking eyes the yard and the fields are changed, fey and transparent, my dreams come to life. Out in the moonlight Michael looks the most different but I already knew he would. Standing on the back step I’m ready to walk a new path. I won’t look back as I take Michael’s hand to walk under the moon-blessed sky and let the night fill me up as we step into the fields. Sometimes we just get lost and sometimes we find our way home again.


16 thoughts on “Under The Gothic Moon

  1. You had better lock that thing up at night or you may find yourself on a psych floor with a rapid thorazine drip . Try explaining your way out of sleep walking in the corn field in the middle of the night . Can you tell I don\’t care for cats?


  2. @Toadlol Well apparently after reading this little bit of Halloween pulp fiction neither is the hubby. ;PAs for any behaviour deemed strange or unusual… having been defined as being of an artistic temperament since I was in diapers people would probably be disappointed if I didn\’t act that way (visualize a shrug of incomprehension and a half smile here).L


  3. Yeah it is disappointing, my son is also 15 and sadly displays the behaviour of a 25 year old yet refuses to take resposibility like an adult.


  4. @The Dapper DonYou\’re welcome anytime, mi cornfield es su cornfield so to speak…That cat really seems to be making some enemies. ;)@†hë¤ëdgë¤ñ¤bä©kMy son\’s not quite there yet he has given up most of the "little kid stuff". I try not to wax nostalgic but it is hard.My 16 year old stepson on the other hand IS trying to live "the lifestyle" full time. He wants all the perks of freedom but he wants his mom(who he lives with) and his dad to pay for it. What can you do?


  5. I had to laugh at the fact that we don\’t mind the constant purring motor of a cat when we lie down to sleep – but the snoring is an absolute irritant — I wonder why that is? Great photo with this entry. And I really like your new profile pic too!


  6. Enjoying the space here. Seems your style is uniquely suited for this holiday. Isn\’t it lovely when nature coincides with our natures?


  7. @junquedujourI would definitely say volume is the deciding factor for me …the higher the decibels the lower the comfort factor ;)@JockHey stranger =)I thought it might come off as a bit cheesy but it is Halloween so why not. I was just waiting for someone to bring up the joke about the old lady with the cat and her three wishes…you know the one where she wishes the cat was human and he asks her "Aren\’t you sorry now that you had me fixed?"(please insert sound of snare drum here) ;P@wishiweresomeoneWelcome. Thanks for stopping by. I must admit I can be a little dark and dramatic which certainly comes in handy at Halloween. </:) I think I might try something a little lighter just for the fun it.@CherylHope your Halloween was a good one!@LeeAh…you\’re just a Colby-Lou fan@DebeannNever hurts to dream does it? lol@Simon"Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you." ~Marsha Norman


  8. @JulieAttendance is never mandatory but I am glad to see you back. I hope you\’re feeling a lot better after your little "adventure" with food. =)@AmyI\’m on the look out for that cat as well. ;)I actually think that the pictures of my attic would probably be a little more scary. Just as a side bar…sometimes when I take pictures in my house there are these weird little dots of light that weren\’t there when I took the picture if you know what I mean. That actually happened to a friend of mine once but he was out taking pictures at this old farm where the Black Donnellys were killed. Sort of strange I guess.L


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