Jack Kerouac


     Jack Kerouac is the name of my dog though her gender doesn’t exactly match. She’s a cross of a cross of a cross. Her malamute heritage shows up in her webbed toes. Her stance is strictly German shepherd and her temperament and tail are husky. Jack Kerouac was christened so in celebration of her husky heritage, huskies being notorious wanderers as was the original Jack.  The name has undergone several transitions since she joined our family a little over a year ago. Kera kabuki face and Keraboo as in caribou (she loves the snow) are just a few but for the most part she’s known simply as Kera. On the instance of our first acquaintance she looked fat, sleepy and dumb (that translated in my mind as “no trouble at all”)…all the things I was looking for in a dog. Time has made a liar of that first impression. Part princess, part drama queen and part dog genius she has all the charm of a pampered debutante.

     Firstly I must confess that although I like Kera as a “person” I do not enjoy living with a dog especially such a hairy one. For those who don’t know, huskies shed all year long with a double helping of hair in the spring and summer. I don’t enjoy taking her out 4 or 5 times a day in the cold of winter and the heat of summer and I especially do not enjoy clean up patrol. That being said, although Kera was to be the family dog, I have acquired a shadow.

     The first night when she cried for her littermates I slept beside her on the floor so she wouldn’t be alone. I taught her her first words; she can pronounce a passable “I love you” and also say “roll over”. She does sound exactly like Dame Edna but she’s a dog so we don’t give her a hard time about it. She does the usual doggie tricks. She can give you a “high five” or “ten” if you like. She will roll over and play dead but she refuses to close her eyes or cover her face with her paw. When I do my hair in the morning she likes to have hers done as well, she has her own silver hair clip. She’s not adverse to a little bit of powder on her nose and comes running for Blistex lip balm. When she doesn’t get her own way she sulks and I swear her bottom “lip” sticks out.

     She loves to roll in dead fish at the beach and eat rabbit droppings in the yard. This year she learned what a skunk was the hard way but I don’t know if the lesson will stay learned. She’s a stalker of squirrels. She has a wicked sense of humour and loves to sneak up behind the cat and pounce right behind him (the cat doesn’t get the joke).

     She is none of the things I thought her to be when I brought her home but those were my preconceptions. Although I do wish that she smelled a little better, that she’d shed a lot less and that she would cut out the occasional diva hissy fit she’s not all bad. Actually, as Henry Higgins once said, “ I’ve grown accustomed to her face”.






Come said the wind to

the leaves one day,

Come o’re the meadows

and we will play.

Put on your dresses

scarlet and gold,

For summer is gone

and the days grow cold.

         Children’s Song -1880’s


19 thoughts on “Jack Kerouac

  1. Awww, is that a picture of your puppy? She\’s pretty. I love dog stories, and yours was great! Hope things are going good and I\’ll try to come back more regular again. I love reading your stories.Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keep You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going! You are so special! Today is " online buddy day " . Send this to your friends online- even me.


  2. @ ChickElectrician1999 That is my dog going hell bent for leather through the back woods. She\’s usually quite a ball of burrs by the time she gets home. 🙂


  3. Thanks for all the coments on my site, I do love getting replies from you. Your canine experience reminds me of a dog I once had. When I was married \’we\’ got a dog. His kennel name was Pantonfeld Peanut Pretzel, a distinguished pup from a very grand bloodline, no less than 7 crufts winners. We called him Herbie. The name was for 2 reasons, 1 because a big british boxer at he time from my home town was called Herbie Hide, and 2 after the film Herbie goes bananas, because he was literally bananas. But time told that he had a heart of gold, a personality as big as a house, loved to let his short hair down and although he played dumb, he was as bright as a button. Id never have thought that the little puppy I brought home, who couldnt climb a step on the staircase, let alone get on the sofa could one day rule the house. I had to get him re-homed when we split cos she didnt want him and I had nowhere to keep him. I was heart broken but he went to a family who had a farm and 2 other boxers so I was over the moon about that. I missed his big floppy jowels, the way he got on the bed and pushed you out of it, the cheeky glint in his eyes, the way he ALWAYS slept on his back, legs akimbo, his absolute hatred of vacuum cleaners but his unabated lust for showers, car trips and hugging. I epitomise the British dog lover and for that Im not sorry. Kera brings back good memories, and I love the photo. Whats a kabuki face? Craig x


  4. Dog stories will keep me tuned forever. Good work and you have obviously spoiled the poor thing into being a meathead . My dog stinks , sheds and now recently has been sleeping on the couch . Ya !


  5. OK…now this entry I love. You\’re funny, engaging and not trying hard at all to be those things. Ease of word rocks in my book. But, does she really sound like Dame Edna? I almost peed my pants reading that. But of course you freaking have a dog self. Without one, you could not have written this.Rose


  6. For my dear friend… Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keep You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going! You are so special! Today is " online buddy day " . Send this to your online friends – even me , if I\’m one of them – and see how many you get today. So glad we met.


  7. Great dog story. I have one going to the bay with me in the mornings and he won\’t stop rolling on those dead fish..Used to be a house dog but now…no way!


  8. if she\’s not biting the crap out of everyone, i\’d say you\’ve got a winner. my dog was pure EVIL!! pure-bred g.s., i gave him to the pound, no one would take him. i think he\’s a police dog now.


  9. @CraigYour Herbie sounds absolutely lovely.=) It\’s funny how they worm their way into your heart. I don\’t know about the spread eagle on the bed thing…it might just leave a little too much business hanging out and about if you know what I mean…lol. That is too bad that you couldn\’t keep him but it sounds like he made out like a villain with the new home.Kabuki face is actually a reference to the make up worn during Japanese dramatic operas. Kera\’s face markings bear an unusual resemblance to some of that theatrical make up. Take careL


  10. @ToadDid you just call my dog a meat head? She\’s a perfect lady when she doesn\’t have her head between her own legs or her nose in someones crotch. It\’s not me who spoils her anyway…it\’s everyone else. By the way if your dog, which looks absolutely huge in your pictures, is sleeping on the couch where does everyone else sit? ;P@RoselolShe does sound exactly like Dame Edna. I can almost see those funky glasses on her face when she opens her mouth. She also howls when you make a sound like a fire engine (that\’s a lot of fun =)).Dog self…I\’ve never been full up but always watching, for as long as I can remember.L


  11. @HollyRight back at ya\’ =)@JulieI know what you mean. You can never go wrong with unconditional love and friendship. ;)@CherylOuch! You have my sympathies with the dead fish thing. Kera likes to snack on them as well. I tell you her breath is something else after a trip to the beach!


  12. @lemon2stp I\’m really tempted but 50,000 words in a month…I don\’t know. Are you going to do it?@AmyActually huskies can be nippy (it\’s a way of establishing dominance-she\’s not trying to hurt anyone) but she\’s got a soft mouth and she\’s getting better as she ages. I\’m no expert but I do know it\’s really important to understand the characteristics of your dog\’s breed so that you\’ll know why they do the things they do. That is too bad about your dog but I\’ve heard stories before about problems with purebred dogs due to unscrupulous breeders. Maybe your German Shepherd\’s behaviour had something to do with that type of situation.


  13. @PatI know…I swear I cry harder than any of the kids when we have to say good bye to any of the family pets. I\’m may talk a tough game but I\’m just a sucker underneath


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