Drunk with its own power and full of bully and bluster Sunday’s wind staggered across the fields bumping into barns shaking foundations and pulling off shingles. It ravaged the trees with clumsy hands ripping the delicate fabric of their leaves and stripping the branches to leave them bruised and naked to the sky. Monday dawned clear on the hangover left behind. The old apple tree, cleaved once again, stands divided. A broken limb, moss pocked and hoary, lies crushed and broken upon the piles of leafy lace. The white of wet wood bleeds resin. The feathered crown of blue spruce is laid low, torn from a usurped giant too large to hide from the wind’s fury. The echoes of violence, though pale, still linger while all about the birds peek cautious heads out looking for the all clear.

9 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. are the apples still intact? can you make me a pie?i think that weird birthday ritual is normal for that restaurant, but i\’m not sure since it was my 1st time there. if not, then those kids have really shitty luck.


  2. Ohhhh so it\’s Monday that brings a clear from the hangover! I thought it was bloody marys! Hey! loved the font choice on this entry — pristine or something like that right?


  3. THe little squirells here in my Black Walnut are doing that very thing, peeking out, hoping its all over. While my trees survived, some of my fall flowers are nice and pancakeish now too. haha.Thanks so much for your welcomed comments on my poetry. Have a great sunny Tuesday.Silent


  4. @ToadToady are you drooling? lol I don\’t know if the wood from the apple tree would be of any use to your "friend" it\’s pretty gnarled. I do know that we have a 150 foot pine that has to come down in the next year (after the winter wheat is done) if your "friend" is interested in some of that. ;)@AmyI just made apple muffins last night so the apples are still going strong. That is too bad about the kids. My son\’s in his teens now but we used to have sleepovers for his birthday. Thirty kids around a bonfire, hotdogs, marshmallows and staying up all night beats the old crab shack any day.@JunquedujourI\’m a Caesar girl myself…the celery means you can skip breakfast …and lunch if the situation demands ;PThe font is Pristina…having lost some of my entries to the MSN Spaces gremlin, I\’ve taken to saving them in Word before I post just in case.@SilentSome of my garden beds look like they\’re below ground level now. That was a freakish wind with a definite attitude. I was standing in the field with the dog trying not to step on any of the winter wheat and I swear the wind gave me a good shove from behind…just a nasty piece of business. `;~]


  5. i know i have said this before, but i could sit here and read all day. your words paint a picture few can tell so vividly, i read it as if it is right here infront of me.. as if i am there. i always feel bad after nature destructs itself. i take solace in how it regenerates and grows again, waiting patiently for the next time.. and starts all over again. oh yeah, and did i read about pie? muffins? what? where? mmmmmmmJulie :)PS glad you liked the pic of bear


  6. @JulieLol …I think I actually saw your ears perk up at the mention of pie =)and Bear is an absolute sweetie. I can see the smile in his eyes. I think you\’ve made him very happy.


  7. Oh, my…I would have been so sad to see what happened after the wind came through…the snowstorm we had the last of October did the same kind of damage…


  8. @PatDoes it seem like things are getting out of hand with the weather? I don\’t remember anything like this when I was growing up.


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