Ode To The Muse

I found this little poem while I was out crawling around the web. It’s by Quentin Huff and I hope that he doesn’t mind that I’ve posted it.  It made me think of certain people here in spaces. So with a great deal of affection and more than a touch of understanding I present Quentin’s "Writers Anonymous".
Writers Anonymous: A 3 Step Program
[Step One: Resentment]
Hi, My name is Quentin.
I’m a write-a-holic.
I can’t control it, can’t curb
the urge to write.
I need help.
I want my life back.
[Step Two: Commitment]
I write poems on fast food napkins,
with toothpicks, using ketchup for ink.
I jot ideas for poems
on my arms and legs. When I run out of space,
I use my shoes.
I make motions
similar to Michael Jackson’s moonwalk
when I need to erase.
I make up stories
while making love to my wife.
She left me. Who needs her?
She was suffocating my creativity.
I await submission replies
like an addict, hands trembling,
head shaking in disbelief.
Not another bout with rejection!
I’m manic depressive.
I’m happy to be here.
No I’m not.
I live for revision.
Instead of sex, I have poems.
I eat feedback.
[Step 3: Contentment]
As a recovering write-a-holic,
admitting my problem
has provided a much needed catharsis.
Joining this nurturing group has
(Excuse me, but are you going to throw away that paper cup?
That’s good paper!)
taught me to reconcile my past
and move forward.
Quentin Huff is an attorney, writer, visual artist, and professional tennis player who lives and works in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

13 thoughts on “Ode To The Muse

  1. My variation is slightly different: OMG…look at these kittens. I\’ve GOT to get my camera out and take photos all weeked to post on my blog!


  2. I think you\’re addicted to cute fuzzy things (and I\’m not talking your last date or something battery operated). Unfortunately I can be of no help to you as I\’m in the same boat. Now where are the new kitty pictures?!!!!


  3. Salem? that the place where the witches used to live? I wish i had a creative bone in me, Im purely practical sadly. As for your bug share, please take mine! When is Thanks giving? Excuse my ignorance but I thought it was about christmas time…. Craig x


  4. @CraigSalem Mass. is where they had the witch trials…If you\’re interested in that stuff they now think the whole thing might have been set off by some infectious mold that caused paranoia, or something like that.Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and American Thanksgiving is in November (my mom\’s boyfriend is American so they have to eat turkey twice poor babies,lol).I\’m actually hoping for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding at Christmas as I\’m getting a little turkey-ed out. ;)About the bugs…Right now we are under siege by the Asian beetle while mud wasps try to find their way into my basement before winter comes. The yellow jackets are swarming around the windfall and compost pile trying to store up carbs and we still have random bursts of gnat and midge activity. I don\’t even want to talk about the big fat spiders! So right now it does seem that I do have your share of bugs and a couple of other people\’s as well. SighhhhhxxL @LottieThanks Lottie. I haven\’t seen you in ages. I hope all is well with you and yours!Take care,L


  5. A writer who happens to be an attorney who just happens to live in the most litigious country on the planet . Me thinks you should hope he doesn\’t mind , I\’m just sayin\’


  6. Hi Lorna, I\’ve been visiting and enjoying the reading, though I haven\’t left you any witty or insightful comments as of late. I hope you will forgive the mooching and my daily feeding on the inspiration which you provide in your beautiful writing. :)And so it is with especially unabashed gratitude that I thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive and encouraging comment on my most recent entry. I thank you deeply and sincerely.


  7. You know, I left a long, witty comment here yesterday, and it seems to have disappeared. And I\’m pretty sure I took my medication yesterday…Achh. As I\’ve said, I\’m MSN\’s bitch, and this is yet another example of how accurate that it. It steals comments and posts at will, and I have to just accept it.Anyway, I just wanted to stop today and let you know that my son laughed right out loud about your "Book of Joe" comment. He, of course, was there at the time, and we just can\’t get ENOUGH of that story. (Is it bad when your entire family finds the humor in laughing at dumb people? Even at church?)Thanks for your comment there. He was tickled…


  8. @CherylIt was a lucky find. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. @ToadThe hope would be that he\’s flattered seeing as I\’ve given him full credit AND provided a link to his space. Failing that I\’d have to say it would be the old "you can\’t get blood out of a stone" argument so why sue. ;P@PatProbably is…lol@SimonYou\’re welcome anytime. You don\’t always have to say something. I do hope that you\’re alright. It seems that things are a little bumpy for you at the moment but I\’m sure that it will all get turned around.Take care.


  9. @KayMSN is a fickle mistress for sure. I wish I had a dollar for everyone of my comments and entries she\’s seen fit to devour… it would be prime rib and shrimp for dinner every night (jk…but not by much).AnywhoI\’m so glad your son got a kick out of my comment. I certainly enjoyed your entry about the Book of Joe. I can\’t speak for God but somehow I think he\’s fond of a good chuckle as well.


  10. that was awesome! i always want to carry around a notepad, i constantly get good ideas then forget them….maybe not such a good idea though.


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