In The Shadows


     The wind is never ending, roaring and crashing, pounding like waves on a distant beach.  Invisible surf whips the trees into a frenzied dance silhouetted dark against the endless sky. Points of light flicker in a wild syncopation keeping time with the feral music of the heavens. The moon clad in rainbow corona sits a distant wallflower flanked by stalwart Mars and fickle Venus. The primitive rhythm, savage and free, is a reminder of the scope of all mankind’s rule and order. Egos laid to waste, minute and storm tossed we ride the crests and flounder in the wells unmarked by a massive ocean of ferocious time and chaotic tide.  Indian summer seems a distant memory. The ungentle dogs of autumn have come to savage the land.

     Feral and wild they travel in packs baying out a requiem for the passing year. Delicate shades of crimson and gold burn and wither in icy fires of frenzied onslaught. The bare limbs of naked trees bower a funeral pyre built up of corpulence, rain and wind. Ashy snow will cradle the ember, hidden safe from grey bloodied jowls and cold snapping teeth. The lullaby of winter will wipe the tears away. In sweet slumber wounds will heal and scars will fade until the light of spring rouses the sleeper. The warming earth will fan the flames and the phoenix will rise fecund and strong to take to the air once again.

     We are a small glimmer in the shadows of giants.

5 thoughts on “In The Shadows

  1. i like this one. very good. except \’fecund\’, which makes the rhythm stumble, like a root in the path that you don\’t see until it catches your toe. that could just be me, though. and, like i said, i like this one.slainte!m


  2. @ junquedujour What a good idea! I\’ll be right over. ;P@MarkusI was looking for a really strong word and though fertile would have slipped along nicely I went with the hard "c" in fecund for impact. I wanted it to burst out of the line like the Phoenix from the flames. Thanks for your comment, it\’s much appreciated =)@CherylYou must be a nature lover just like me…sometimes it makes me feel so small but I\’m enthralled by the display of all its power and grace@ToadAre you saying I should trap the phoenix or have you been reading the comments at Amy\’s site and if having done so are you now remarking upon my mother\’s parenting skills? lol (holy run on sentence Batman)


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