The cooling earth, slick and chill, reclines in the twilight of her year.

Johnny-come-lately, the warm wind is a tentative caress. Fingers of air, velvet and tender, stroke the cool flesh stirring up echoes of sun-heated passion. Her lips part and misty sighs, like summer’s specters, rise to walk the land again. Laid open and bare, her languid arms reach to enfold the warmth and carry it deep inside. The sweet reek of grass and loam seeps up through the ground. Wet and warm, knots of hair catch on fingers of mist. The jagged teeth of bare bark split the waves that seek the hidden places. Entwined so tight the two are one. Earthbound clouds creep close to watch and then draw modesty’s curtain round the brazen embrace.

Blanketed in grey the day is still but for the gentle drip of the rain from tree branch to ground.

14 thoughts on “L’Amant

  1. Whewwww, Lorna. I think I\’m going to need a fan. It\’s getting hot in here! Holy smokes… we\’re still talking about a chinook wind here, right? LOLRegarding Kathryn\’s comment… not sure what that\’s all about. Is your name supposed to be a play on words? I spent about 2 minutes trying to contort it in every-which-way but failed to come up with a single funny variation. If it is supposed to be funny, I guess the joke\’s on me. :)Talk to you soon.


  2. @Kathrynlol…no it\’s not my real name, close but not quite. Jock is the only other person to have mentioned the context so I guess the three of us have now confirmed to the world what bookworms we are. =P


  3. @ToadWhat do you mean what\’s my name…isn\’t Toad yours? And should I wonder why you show a passing familiarity with classic romance novels? Not that there\’s anything wrong with that.;)@KayI don\’t create the vista I just use words to paint the picture as best I can. I know that they fall short. I live in such an incredible place that at times I am overcome with all that it holds. @SimonWhat can I say…I do find nature deeply moving ;)I believe that Kathryn was referring to the literary context of my name which wouldn\’t be readily apparent as my signature usually consists of the given name.


  4. Not that I need to clear my good name but it turns out I googled it and therefore am not as enlightened as I seem .lol The hint you left has left me undoubtably more confused than not . Sorry I am not a brighter Toad …


  5. I was going to comment on one of yor pictures and then I started reading comments and I totally forgot what i was going to say…Maybe tomorrow…


  6. i was thinking the same thing about martha. perhaps they starved her in prison and she was forced to eat out of the toilet, and now she\’s trying to incorporate that into her talk show?(going to throw up now)


  7. @ToadI still believe in you ;P@Cheryllol…That happens to me all the time. I wish I could get your pictures to load but I consider myself lucky if my puny dial up connection allows me to view one of your blog entries…I keep trying =)@Amyewwwwwww lol


  8. I remember when I was a little kid and TAKING the time lay back and watch the clouds – making them into figures in my mind. And at the pool when I wiped the water from my eyes, the clouds were huge beautiful castles. Of course that was before I wore glasses ;^)


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