Under a sky of Eric Sloane manganese blue the early morning light burnishes the stubble of wheat to a golden glow that runs for acres and acres across the fields. A pristine swirl rises on the thermal as a flock of seagulls take silent distant flight. The flurry of white is stark against the stratus clouds, a long sinuous line forming a Chinese dragon of folded paper wings.

14 thoughts on “Origami

  1. One of my favorite words: sinuous. Not used often enough, if you ask me. Of course, if it\’s over-used, then it becomes tired and no longer lovely. But I love it.Also on my list: gossamer. See if you can\’t work that in somewhere, would you? I just can\’t seem to find a home for it, what with my riveting life of angry children and dead deer.


  2. some months i cry at the drop of a hat, other times not at all. it seems the only thing that can make me cry nowadays is when i\’m upset and angry, then someone comes along and is nice to me. it\’s like a shock to my system or something. it\’s strange.


  3. @CherylWe\’re about 5 minutes from the lake so I\’m used to seeing them down there. It was an incredibly beautiful spectacle to see them rise off the fields that way. People like to complain about the gulls (rats with wings etc) but just like you, I find them very beautiful.@KayI\’ll leave you a little something on your site…=)@AmyTo each his or rather her own I guess. My sister is an absolute psycho…I don\’t envy her hubby ;P I think it\’s just one of those things…you know… you\’re on for the ride whether you like it or not.


  4. I love origami – I wonder what an origami brain would look like. Oh never mind – I think a bag over someone\’s head would suffice 🙂


  5. Good morning! Now that it has stopped snowing, the sunshine may help thaw my tootsies! I may be a perv…but the membership of that club is gargantuan!!LOL!!! BTW…do you work nites or something, all your comments come in the wee hours!!Poopdeck


  6. Hah! Thanks! That was an awesome little wake-up treat for me.Gossamer. What a word. (My poor dead mom had a big ol\’ throbbing brain tumor for the last three years of her life. It affected the part of the brain that is responsible for…something important, because she could never find the right word, and often used totally obscure ones, instead.)Mom, watching "The Price is Right" one morning: Oh, look at her jacket! It\’s just…just…gossamer!Or,Mom, commenting on one of my sons\’ hats: Well, young man, that\’s quite a….a….gimlet you have there.Oh, the stories… I miss her something fierce.


  7. How lovely……..and thank you for your comment on my blog. There is always that part of me that hopes something I say connects.by the way, yesterday I saw some Lorna Doone\’s and thought of you! *laughing* I wanted to buy them so bad, but I didn\’t as I\’ve been eating too many cookies as it is!


  8. HI again catching up on your writing,wow, those gulls rose upon the wind like I was watching them from your vantage point,just so uh,undescribeable,but you did,Very sinuous indeed…Later


  9. it\’s getting better, praise the lord! i\’ve tried diff. pills for it, but they don\’t help at all, just seem to make it worse. the only thing that\’s ever helped me w/that is smoking a LOT of weed, and i\’m severely limited on that since my job does random drug testing. and that whole bar scene was kind of crazy, i\’ve seen much craziness that would probably make a pretty funny movie.


  10. @junquedujour You always have such an interesting view of things, lol…now I too wonder what an origami brain would look like. If it depended solely on the individual mine probably looks like a crumpled up ball of paper. ;P@Senor PoopdeckI\’m a bit of a night owl. I should be doing some work right now but I\’m a bit blocked at the moment. I\’m actually thinking I should get a straight job for a while …not that I really want to but the funding for my creative endeavours parallels my output and there can be no art without commerce.@KayWe aim to please =). I hope you\’re feeling a little bit better. I\’m sure that your mother misses you as well. Hang in there.@Kathrynlol…They\’re shortbreads…You can eat shortbread cookies they don\’t count!!!!If you feel guilty just refer to them as a tea biscuit…it sounds so much better for you. :)@MarkusThanks Markus. I\’ve taken to watching the sky as I\’m quite immersed in the work of Eric Sloane at the moment…could you tell? ;P You see the loveliest things when looking up. I think everyone should try it.@SimonThanks ever so much Simon. Belatedly, I wish you the same! =)@PatresaIt was an awe inspiring sight, quite beautiful.@RobertIsn\’t that funny. I just stopped by your blog as I hadn\’t been in a while. I guess "birds of a feather flock together". I know, it\’s a groaner but I couldn\’t help it. `:D@Amylol Well if that\’s what works, then a girl\’s gotta do what a girl\’s gotta do.I agree with you on the bar movie…next time maybe you should take a camera. They love those docu-dramas at Sundance. ;P


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