Winter’s Herald

Condensation forms a new frame on the clear border between warm and cold. A puff of breath will fill the empty canvas now ready for smiley faces and backwards letters. The concrete stair, stiff and frozen, echoes the bleak sky. Odd shaped pearls of soft snow tremble in the lee of the stone, taking shelter from the inclement weather. An icy arctic river, bitter and wind scoured from the fields, flows across the road. Headlights carve a tunnel through the gloomy wintry night. The white wasps of cold sting and swarm only to fall behind impotent and lost in the inky vacuum of the light’s passing.

10 thoughts on “Winter’s Herald

  1. This post almost makes me like winter! :DThanks for your earlier visit Lorna. It\’s always nice to have such distinguished company stop by and leave such pearls of friendship. Merci beaucoup.


  2. @SimonWell the unseasonably early snow this year has put a crimp in my schedule. I hadn\’t planted my spring bulbs yet (procrastinator that I can be) so I tried to fill my time a bit by writing about the chilly and unexpected visitor.@PatresaI always thought it seemed like that after the car drives past and the wind and the snow is sucked into the space left behind.@ToadAh poor Toady. No donuts for you this year with your sensible winter tires. Maybe you\’ll just have to satisfy yourself with a chocolate glazed one at the Timmy\’s.@LemonThat winter watercolour is always so much more delightful when viewed from a warm cozy room! How goes the novel????


  3. Just taking a break before leaving…have everything ready to take to my dad\’s…he doesn\’t travel, now, so we go to him…Have a wonderful day, Lorna Doone…Thank you for the thanksgiving greeting…


  4. Scooter is now warm and snug, tires are now on the car! As for Toad, it is HIS pity taken on me in performing his many good and kind deeds, for which I am very appreciative!! As for your hubby, I wouldn\’t go on a slippery roof for anything on tv today, not even my beloved Stargate or Desperate Housewives!!Stay warm!Poopdeck


  5. @PatTravel safe and have the best of holidays.=)@PoopdeckI kid you Pappy…I do think you\’re lucky to have such a handy and kind neighbour…(don\’t tell him I said so though, there\’s nothing worse than a Toad with a swelled head).I\’m just about to have a cup of hot chocolate so I\’ve got the whole staying warm thing covered so far…now if the dog would just walk herself I\’d be set.Take careL


  6. While the majority of the UK doesnt have any snow, the parts that do have it have been pretty hard. People being air-lifted off roads, the works. For my part of the country theres no snow yet, but its still bitterly cold, with wind chill temps down to -12. I want snow goddamnit! Craig x


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