Path of The Behemoth

     The wind is full of a coward’s bravado. The downdraft worries the snow into drifts and hollows as it struts and swaggers about lording it over the yard. Ever the playground bully, it browbeats the trees and pushes the last of the leaves to and fro above the white risers. Caught by surprise the icy draught stops, startled, upon hearing a distant rumble. Suddenly uncertain the frightened tempest turns tail to seek out a haven, safe from the looming unknown.

      All reason and sanity is cast aside as the cowed current rattles the windows and bangs on the doors to be let in. The ground trembles while the air grows heavy with a monstrous clamour. A metal juggernaut in shades of grey and gold, crowned by a sapphire gem, looms up through the sleeting white. Head down, its blind passage sends sprays of snow rising like crystal rainbows to shine in the wintry sun. Metal meets asphalt and sparks arc out to the side as its horn tears up the hoarfrost covered obsidian. The wind whimpers and cringes round the foundation, head down and eyes averted. The dissonance reaches a tumultuous summit only to fade away as terror lumbers off to devour the land further down the road.

     Danger passed, the wind emerges to take up its bluff and bully. Swaggering about the yard the frozen bluster kicks the drifts and hectors the trees but keeps an listening ear pricked up just in case.

9 thoughts on “Path of The Behemoth

  1. reminds me of some weird weather we had almost a yr ago. it was snowing, then it hailed a bit, then it stopped and got windy and dark, started raining, then came the thunder and lightning. finally the sun came out. i wish that happened every day, never saw it before or since.


  2. Have yourself a merry little weekend, and enjoy the snow while it lasts, I\’m hoping winters days are numbered!Not Likely!Poopdeck


  3. Well my world is much calmer…thank God. It has been 80 degrees here and the same ditto weather day after day. This morning it thundered and rained but not for long. Nothing like what you are writing about….Good writing and take care…


  4. Hehehe… that coward wind, afraid of a little ol\’ snowplow. What a wuss! LOL How you doin\’ Lorna? Hope life is good for ya.


  5. @ToadI saw that on your site. I thought the picture of your backyard was beautiful, all grey, green and frosted lace.=)@AmyI\’ve seen some pretty freakish weather since I moved here a little over a year ago, which is actually saying a lot as I live in "tornado alley". It does keep things interesting doesn\’t it? ;P@Pappylol. I think you\’re going to get your wish if only for a little while…rain\’s on the way. (oh joy!)@CherylmmmmThat sounds lovely. Can I come for a visit? ;)@KatI\’m sure everything is looking white and frosty where you are as well. I liked your picture of snow laden bows…it felt a little like home.@RobertHey, thanks for stopping by. It\’s always nice to have you visit.@PatresaI have a sneaking suspicion that you, just like me, are ready for a sweater in the middle of July ;P@Simonlol. It does seem that way. But to be fair to the wind I live in a rural area and you can hear the plow coming from miles away. It does sound like big angry rhino as it crashes and bellows along the road. If I was outside I might be tempted to run and hide as well.Although it\’s still a bit chilly here I don\’t think we\’ll be hearing the plow for a while as there\’s no snow in the forecast for the rest of the week. I\’m sure that it must be very cold in your neighbourhood. Stay warm!Take care,L


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