The Country Church

A white bird is silhouetted against the blue autumn sky. Earthbound, it stands, snared in the sooty fingers of ash black naked trees. Solitude, somber and still, is a silent crushing weight. Underfoot the river flows in either direction dirt brown and strewn with stones.

*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Space to MSN Live and finally WordPress). When the content was transferred the media files were lost. I’ve chosen to add new photos rather than delete the posts. I try to match any updated content to previously posted comments. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so the comments can seem to be out of context but I don’t want to delete any of them as they are a part of my blogging history.

10 thoughts on “The Country Church

  1. Is it still active? Or is it, like so many of ours, the "Town Hall"?One of my dearest (young) friends was married in a church just like this a few months ago. It was the most lovely, simple thing ever.I have this urge to share her pictures with you. If you\’d like, their wedding site is at http://www.reneeandtodd.comShe\’s a professional photographer, and one of her photo buddies did the pics. They\’re lovely…


  2. Hi again,beautiful pic and writing. Ican\’t believe young kids are actually useing chewing tobacco.The link on that blog I wrote has another link that shows a former baseball player that used chewing tobacco and what it did to him.Tha pictures are stark and unpleasant but your sons friends might benefit from seeing and reading about what chewing tobacco did to him.I know how hard it is to get youngens to listen to anything for I too was young once and I\’m paying the price for not listening now.But it is worth the effort if only one young person gives up chewing that vile weed…Later


  3. @ToadI believe it\’s a mixture of building materials. I\’m not sure what\’s original and what has been replaced. There is a cemetery just out of the camera view. It contains the remains of Colonel Mahlon Burwell (amongst others). Colonel Burwell, who died in 1846, was known as the right hand man of Colonel Talbot but oddly enough they aren\’t buried in the same cemetery.@AmyI\’m sure that you have beautiful skies where you live as well. You just have to remember to look up. ;)@KayIt is still active. I have yet to see a rural church in this area that isn\’t. There is one that closed in between October and May due to the threat of wintry weather.@PatresaThere are actually an extraordinary amount of cemeteries and churches within a 10 minute drive of my house. This place is just steeped in history. There are ghosts around every corner.@RobertI will mention it to him but you know teenagers. He probably wouldn\’t want to say anything to any of his friends. I\’m just glad he\’s not interested in trying any of that stuff. He\’s getting his braces off tomorrow and he\’s much too tooth conscious to want to take a chance on staining his pearly whites.Take care and good luck with your campaign.:)


  4. Congats!! You are the only one that got all five truths! The new post is up with the pics, check it out when you get a chance!Poopdeck


  5. Is that church near you? Its how Id picture a country church on the US continent to be like… Thanks for the joke apreciation and wishes of good luck for the house hunting. Its alot harder this time round…. Craig x


  6. @JackWell obviously we must be dying for some humour over here. Do you know any good jokes? Come on, don\’t be shy let\’s hear a good one! =)@PappySo what\’d I win huh, huh???? ;)@CraigChurches come in all shapes and sizes around here but this is pretty much what you can expect to see if the church is around 150 to 200 years old. You\’ll see more bell towers than spires for this time period as well. I don\’t know why. It\’s my understanding that the spire is supposed to represent the finger of man pointing to heaven but it\’s a phenomena you\’re more likely to see further south.I do hope all goes well with your house hunt. Just keep thinking positively. You\’ve done it before so at least you know what you\’re in for.Chin up, take carexxL


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