White Nightfall


Snow at night comes as a silent secret traveler. Glittering swathes of icy muslin, chiffon and tulle drape the yard and soften the sharp angles. The world is reborn a virgin bride in white.


11 thoughts on “White Nightfall

  1. Mornin\’ ! I have to say, I may have neglected to comment on your pics up until now, and for that, I am sorry! This one, and the one of the church have truly been magnificent! I just love this one! I may have to steal it! LOL!! As for the Toad, he is still kickin\’ around, but in a very foul mood concerning MSN. Even HE is unable to access his space! If you have a message for him, send it my way and I will see he gets it, I see him all the time!Poopdeck!


  2. i love it when its freshly fallen, even and untouched.. how it sparkles in the rising sunlight, or the glow of the moon.. and then i open the door and send the crazed canine out to roll around, chomp big mouthfuls, walk with his nose buried in it (muzzle snowtower, a rather amazing feat, facinating how it stays there until he shakes it off). after it looks like a dozen children had played there .. LOL. great photo, great blog!


  3. @BrendaYou think the picture is creepy…Let me tell you, standing out there in the dark it was so quite that when the wind knocked snow off of the spruce tree I almost dropped the camera. (I\’m a chicken shit anyway ;D)@PappyMy fears have been laid to rest. Thanks =)@JulieMy dog is just like that too. She\’d spend hours outside if we let her. Sometimes she eats so much snow that she doesn\’t have any room for dinner. =D


  4. I thought of you this morning on my way to church. First, because I go to a little country church, and second, because the trees were COVERED with hoarfrost. It was just beautiful, and I thought, "I should run get my camera." Then I thought, "No, I\’ll wait for Lorna to do it. She\’ll put purty words with it, too." ; )Thanks for your kindnesses. I appreciate your concern.~k


  5. @PatresaThe night was lyrical. I\’m starting to think it might be time to invest in a better camera. Everything is so beautiful here.@MarkusAs always Markus it is a pleasure to have you stop by and weigh in.@LottiemaeI hope you\’re not shivering from the cold, lol. Stay warm. =)@CherylUghhh. My feet are like two size 5 ice cubes and you\’re talking about 80 degrees. I think I\’m going to have to live vicariously through you for warmth.@KayI would love to see a picture of your church. It sounds lovely all covered in frost. Hang in there. I\’m thinking of you. 🙂


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