This stark season of chiaroscuro is leaf barren and ice crystalled.

A black-ice hardtop is a bleak gleam through transparent wind blow.

Arms and fingers, bloodless and naked, jet against the pallid sky.

Shadowy bones pierce the bitter shroud.

Lofty giants and flocks of lambs are laden down under the weight of hoary pearls.

Whisper soft, the night swarms with stinging clouds of raw alabaster ash.

The day wakes to the cry of the crow, black and mournful, harsh against the austere expanse.

15 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro

  1. cool…. like the above….. in comment to your comment on my blog Chrismas works for me… isn\’t that how most people pronounce it? hugs, lottiemae


  2. Sure glad I have my handydandy WordWeb – I had no idea what "Chiaroscuro" was – and never would\’ve had I not dropped by. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson :^)


  3. @Lottie_MaeYou are a gift Lottie-Mae. Chrismas it is then. ;)@Brenda (JdJ)lol… Yes look what college and 3 years worth of time and money taught me. ;P I never thought I\’d use that world again (Caravaggio is rolling over in his grave) so I guess I\’m really getting the most out of that diploma.Have a good Saturday and hang in there.


  4. Very nice , I was tempted to pass my mouse over the different coloured text thinking it was a link. Lets put that diploma to good use once again , shall we? What should I name my little Eskimo art thingy ?


  5. I was all ready feeling cold when I started reading it and now I have to admit I am chilled to the bone. Going to plug in one of those littel electric heaters to melt the ice crystals and blow the cold Christmas winds away!


  6. "hoary pearls" Perfection! We get the ol\’ hoarfrost about once a week around here, and I\’ve never seen its frosty beauty so aptly described.I haven\’t been around much — I LOVE what you\’ve done with the place!~kp.s. A hockey puck?!? Reason #4928 that I\’m glad my sons wrestle. The worst thing to fly my way would probably be one of those dreadful little noseplugs they stuff up there to stop the bleeding.Gross? yep. Stitch-provoking? nevah.


  7. Wow….to say the least I am rather impressed.And I actually have not seen that movie, although my brother has recommended it several times to me. Perhaps I shall have to go rent it…


  8. Hey, just stopping by to wish you and yours the best of the seasons. I have been a bit busy lately and have not attended to my online friends as i should have. But i do wish for you, peace, joy, health and happiness for this season and the years to come.


  9. Hey, how you doing? As for the facts, Id just avoid London parks to be honest lol. House hunting is hard work, looked at 6 so far, found 2 possibles, but still looking for that elusive 4 bed detatched for less than 100k… *sigh*. Hope youre ok, Craig x


  10. @CraigI am chilled to the bone (in case you couldn\’t tell ;P). I certainly don\’t envy you your house hunting excursions. We just bought last year and I still remember those little jaunts as being excruciating. We saw some pretty scary places. Maybe the market will open up a little more after Christmas. You never know. Craig\’s Castle could be just around the corner.Take carexxLorna@HollyThank you Holly. That\’s terribly kind of you. I\’d like to echo your sentiment and wish you all the best. It certainly seems like you\’ve had quite a bit of excitement lately. Congratulations once again!@JonathanActually I\’ve seen it twice…I should probably be ashamed but I can\’t help it. It\’s juvenile and immature and absolutely hilarious.@KayThanks. I felt the need for a colour change…maybe it\’s just the season. Nose plug? Ewwwwww. lol@CherylI carry my little electric space heater around the house with me. I\’m just a sad little Popsicle. Pretty soon I\’m going to have one of those big icicles dangling off the end of my nose (at least it feels that way)!@PatI going to borrow my son\’s over Christmas. I hope it\’s good!@Ne\’erSorry no link…With the white and black text I was trying to use the concept in the context and the appearance. The words of each colour can be read as a verse in itself and then the light and dark can be combined to create the whole picture. I made an attempt at dividing the subjects in the same way. It is complete but I\’m not sure how close I got to the realization of the idea. Punctuation was a bitch. ;)Hmmm…a name for your piece…let me think a bit.L


  11. Hey, Merry COLD Season! I am in need of someone of your wisdom to help solve my seasonal conundrum! Drop by and see if you can help me!Poopdeck


  12. @PappyI\’ll be over as soon as I finish scrubbing my pots. I did the first family Christmas dinner on Sunday and I\’m still cleaning up …sighhhhh. Is there any cleanser for teenage boys and turkey farts? ;P@PatresaI\’m starting to think that winter has a breadth and depth that is often overlooked, hidden in the cold and snow. It will never be a favourite of mine (I\’m much too susceptible to the cold) but it might have potential.


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