"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."

~ Eden Phillpots



12 thoughts on “Vista

  1. No, I\’m sorry Marcus. I watched "The Sea Within" last night and I think I\’m still a bit weepy. Your piece was beautiful, just like the end of a day.


  2. Thebottom picture did not show up but the cow pic did. Good cow pic. LolWe had one of our Christmas parties fro our homeless kids last night. I posted some of their pics and tonight is our big party so I hope to have more pics in the next few days…Cheryl


  3. I love the pic of the cattle , especially the heat captured in the shot and the quote is brilliant . You can mutter that one as an insult !


  4. @Teachable LauraCome back any time. =)@CherylThe bottom pic was a snow crystalled stem and head…the small hidden in the large. I\’ll drop by and have a look at your pictures. With your "good eye" for photography I\’m looking forward to them.@CraigI\’ll assume that you\’re accepting bids from the continental Europe only as delivery to the "colonies" would be difficult. ;PXxL @NeerLOl That is a good insult. I shall have to practice the correct tone of disdain to deliver it. lol@PatresaIt is a great quote. I\’m sure as a writer it is something you deal with everyday. In order to communicate a concept one not only has to look at something but actually see it in all its contexts.


  5. hi, i had studied a lot of english on your space. Thanks. ….oooO……………….(….)…Oooo………)../…..(….)………(_/…….)../………………..(_/………. I WAS …………………. HERE ……


  6. @AmyI worry as well. It really makes me feel small and insignificant. I don\’t understand the degree of hate that requires the obliteration of an entire race, colour, religion or creed. I only have to look in the face of my child to know that the world and the beings that populate it are much too important to risk doing harm to.


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