Chicken Little

The sky is falling…

Dying and unremarked by thought or reasoning, a star expands breaching the limits to break apart in infinitesimal fragments. The exodus of that great conflagration, lost and blind, will travel 40 years in a frigid black wilderness to find the sky of this blue jewel.

Miniscule meteorites, bits of star, speed through the atmosphere and the heavenly firmament is lost to view. Battalions of warriors, clad in white and armed with milky swords of ice, drop heavily through the air. A veil falls, mist and windblown, to filter the light in dim shades of grey. No battle cry breaks the silence, only a gentle hiss as each traveler joins the host massed below.

Earthbound at last, here they will rest and wait for the season’s change to join their souls within this new home. At the turning of the sphere they will bathe again in a kindred brother’s warmth.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. Check back on my ebay now, its almost 12 UK pounds! I know the hatred you feel for Black Eyed Peas song, its on all the time over here too, and I dont care how tasty Fergie is. But she did look good at the MTV awards last month….. That JCB song, check out the site. And if you really want you can download the song and check it out. Its a really nice little site as well-:


  2. @Craig12 UK pounds eh? Is it time for a party at Craig\’s place?xxL@Neerlol I wasn\’t impugning the integrity of snowplow operators everywhere. I only meant that it can really add up if he\’s got to come 3 or 4 times a week. According to the weather experts in our neck of the woods we\’ve received an entire month\’s worth of snow in the first 2 weeks of December…who knows what\’s next. The gentlemen who does my driveway has a municipal contract and plows whenever 3 inches has fallen so he\’s a pretty busy guy as well. We spent around 20 minutes trying to get the van out of the driveway last night. I\’m starting to think I can do without the white Christmas…Bah humbug!@BrendaWe\’ve had a LOT of snow. It must seem like I\’m obsessed but there\’s been so much that sometimes I do think the sky is falling. =P


  3. you knew roy macdonald?? i think i\’ve heard of him before. you should get his autograph!! that\’s so sad that someone tried to set his beard on fire, who the hell would do something like that??and i lose more faith in the human race……


  4. @CherylCertainly doesn\’t sound very much like Christmas… you have my sympathies and if I could I\’d send you some of my snow ;)@AmyRoy was the type of guy who everyone seemed to know…lots of acquaintances but not too many real friends. There are some idiots out there who have nothing better to do than hurt people…who knows it might have been one of the winners who spray painted "onk" (that\’s the way they spelled it) on the police station wall last week…basically shit for brains. What can you do? It does make you wonder when empathy and kindness became the rarity instead of the norm.


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