An Inauspicious Beginning

Soul eater is the name of the January rain grey skies.

The milky clouded eyes of the dead year gaze sightless skyward filtering the day to perpetual twilight. Icy entrails steam as the warm rain falls in acid runnels eviscerating the gentle swells of wind driven snow. Charcoal grey stick bare fingers rend the thick air as the trees grasp for purchase sinking deeper into the weeping flesh of an earth so unexpectedly awakened.

9 thoughts on “An Inauspicious Beginning

  1. Sunny and hot here…high 78 today.My daughter just got back from northern Minnesota for their vacation. Now they want to move back up north. I told her is is cloudy and cold all the time but they still want to go…


  2. It is miserable out . I really appreciate the critique of my …… , however in my defence I should tell you the other half of the story.


  3. That sounds almost exactly like Alberta right now. We\’ve had this really murky foggy weather, and still very little snow…grrr…In reference to my dog, the reason I find it so surprising is because with treats, food, scraps of stuff, ect. you can pull his mouth open and just take it right out and he won\’t complain the least bit, nor show the least bit of aggression.


  4. @CherylGroannn My feet are like blocks of ice as I write this. It\’s not even 78 degrees in my house!@The WatcherThe dreams are darker.@NeerWell Paul Harvey (do you remember him?…I think that was his name) what is the "rest of the story"? ;P@JonathanI know what you mean. It wouldn\’t be so bad if it wasn\’t so damp. At least the snow hid the little presents that other members of my family have managed to overlook while having the dog out. That is weird about your dog. I\’ve never heard of that before. Maybe it was special cheese????


  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)My mother also suggested Baileys in coffee, but I don\’t like coffee, so that wouldn\’t work too well. The Screech is partly because I spent some time in Newfoundland, and was Screeched In, but with this awful sugary syrupy children\’s drink isntead, because I was underage, so I figure I may as well finish it off now. Also, there is a certain appeal to swallowing a small quantity of something unspeakably vile. Or maybe I\’m just entertained by weird things.And your weather is miserable because you are an Ontarioian (yes, I know that\’s wrong, but say it that way, it\’s really fun!). You should move to BC. Actually, it is rainy and grey today, but at least it isn\’t cold…


  6. @JesseyOn-tar-i-o-i-an is fun to say!My sister-in-law lives in BC and she certainly enjoys the weather. I don\’t know if there would be enough changes in the season for my preferences.If you consider Screech your right of passage into adulthood I suppose there\’s no swaying you but I will mention that I had a piece of Bailey\’s cheesecake once that was lovely.=)L


  7. I have to stop reading – I was scrolling down to read more of things I\’ve missed–but I must not – because I know I will stay and read and read –and my short story is waiting for me—Do you ever think of submitting for publication, my friend?


  8. @Kathrynlol…I too probably spend more time than I should reading Spaces sites. There are some interesting people out there. =)As for publishing – I\’ve just been writing for a little while… less than a year really. I\’m not sure that people would be interested in what I have to say. I\’m really enjoying it. It\’s certainly full of challenges! I think I\’m developing a voice. I\’d really like to see where it goes.


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