January Thaw

The January thaw has brought unexpected rays of light to warm the thin winter air. The breeze rattles the rushes and heads out over the water. The beach mid season is a dangerous place. We walk along wary of the cliffs that are treacherous and soft melting along with the snow in the thaw. Bulging flows of clay seep through the cracks to pool in thick layers while run off steams in the warming air. A graceful gallery of driftwood, shaped smooth by waves, decorates the sandy path. Face down, one foot turned skyward, a bandit lays still having met its solitary end among the snow bleached fish heads and flotsam. The gulls are absent and the waves sing alone. Zebra mussels and mummified gobies crunch underfoot as the beach narrows and we skirt the icy waves. We turn our faces away from the breeze and the sun warms our backs as we head back up the beach.





*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Space to MSN Live and finally WordPress). When the content was transferred the media files were lost. I’ve chosen to add new photos rather than delete the posts. I try to match any updated content to previously posted comments. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so the comments can seem to be out of context but I don’t want to delete any of them as they are a part of my blogging history.

14 thoughts on “January Thaw

  1. looks like your pooch had a grand time as well 😉 BORRRRN FREEEEE! lol. Beautiful photos, i love cattails. Used to collect them as a kid, my grandmother would yell at me when they didnt dry properly (my fault?) and they would pop… fuzz all over.. i remember her muttering as she had to vacuum.. gave me time to stash the teeny little toads i had in my pockets :)take care!Julie


  2. @JulielolOh she\’s born free alright…free to roll in as many dead fish as she can before we catch her;P I hope you remembered to take those toads out of your pockets before your pants went into the wash!xxxL@LeeHow\’s Charlie Davidson holding up? Is he as goofy as ever?@Laynelol…I\’m definitely chatty that\’s for sure. Good luck with the living thing as well. ;)@NeerHeeeeeeeeeey!!!! My dog is not fat (I can\’t deny the lunatic thing though)…what do you think happens to huskies in the winter?…It\’s like they explode into a gi-normous ball of fur. She fast and low to the ground and she loves the beach…can you tell? lol


  3. Just a little off beat humor.I am a Leaf fan through and through,although I like poking fun at them every once in a while.Not seeing a cup in my lifetime tends to make you see the lighter side of things.:)


  4. @PPPapyrus-12. I think it\’s a standard font for Microsoft word.@«­·´¯۵ωẵ®m۵´¯·-» And I thought it was the green ones you had to look out for!@10…Ah I see. Laughter over tears-good philosophy. =)


  5. love your response to my comment.. i\’m dying to know though, what is it about rolling in dead fish? although i do have to say bear did the backscratch/wiggle on a pile of dead sunflower stalks waiting to be cut into compostable pieces.. although i am not sure fish would be as scratchy? maybe its the squishy feeling.. like a million little gel pillows? no? lolJulie


  6. Looks wondereful…Hope you are enjoying this abnormal season. It is the same here as every winter….Low on the bay around 48 and high around 75. Beautiful…but then we pay for 8 hot humid months to enjoy thie weather…


  7. @SimonI thought you were off in jolly old England. Thanks for the good wishes. I\’m sending you some of the same. =)@CherylWe\’ve got freezing rain coming tomorrow morning. Your winter sounds a little more "civilized". At least you know what to expect!@JulieI think that it\’s a predatory behaviour, instinctively the dog is attempting to diguise its smell…or maybe they just like to smell bad. What can you expect from a creature that likes to eat rabbit poo? ;P


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