Storm Surge

Sound like ocean surf surrounds the house. The rising wind swallows it whole. Caught by the undertow, the unwieldy ship of home sinks to the bottom of the swell. Blind in the dark the house rides the surge straining and groaning in a current of sound.

Buffeting by tempest gusts the passing trees scramble for purchase, their skeletal fingers rake windows and eaves. The pale hands of wind drowned pirates shake the glass and drag gales of chains and rusty anchors across the roof.

Leaves and branches in streaming tidal flows frantically cyclone. Swirling down, the house and the swell, the ghosts and the trees, all fall out of the bottom of the sky.

Light cuts the dark as the night drains away leaving the house a beaten salvage on the landlocked shore of a brand new day.


14 thoughts on “Storm Surge

  1. Loved this. It reminded me of the storms we sometimes experience in our cottage on Lake Michigan during the summer. Love storms, love the sound of the water crashing against the shore. Great memories.


  2. I\’m laughing at your comment! *grin*now, I will go read your entry-It reminds me of Shakespeare and "the tempest" – but not just because you say "tempest" – just things in the words….I love this post.By the way–I\’d like to put you on my fave\’s list – do you mind? I\’m pretty sure I haven\’t — the list is growing long and I may need to figure out a way to fix that! But, I surely do want to add you….


  3. Yes Im still about! Just been busy post new year. Thanks for checking up on me, nice to feel wanted lol. Hope youre well in America Jnr 😉 Craig xx


  4. Thank you very much for the hugs, I was a little hesitant to write some of it since most of my friends tend to read it, but decided to go through with it. Although I didn\’t expect my parents to come across it, that made for a fun conversation.And I must say, your writing is incredibly inspiring, perhaps someday I may be convinced to put up some of mine. But don\’t go holding your breath.


  5. i love this. refreshes ones memory to the awesome power of nature and that nothing is sacred.. beautiful, yet terrifying. man, i think i could use a drink!


  6. @PPWe\’re 5 minutes from the shore so I would imagine you know exactly what it feels like when the wind rolls through around here.@Kathrynlol I couldn\’t help myself…I was surprised that no one else mentioned it before me. By all means add me if you wish. You\’ve been one of my favs for a while (sorry I didn\’t ask though so I hope you don\’t think I was being impolite).@Craig"American Jnr"? What is THAT…sibling rivalry? You know we are a constitutional monarchy, the head of state being someone who I\’m sure is very familiar to you….if my golden haired boy wasn\’t downloading "Reefer Madness" on our puny dial up connection (only 21 more hours to go) I\’d drop by and broaden your horizons a little about the Dominion of Canada which by-the-by is the second largest country in area after Russia with a surface area of 9,984,670 kilometers or 3,848,900 square miles and contains an estimated quarter of the world\’s fresh water supply! ;P pffffffffffffffffffffffttttLOL What can I say…The Canadian Desktop Companion was close at hand.That being said I\’m glad you\’re still alive though if you are in the process of buying a house I\’m sure there are days that it must seem like it\’s touch and go. =)Take carexxLorna@JonathanOoooo…your parents saw it? I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that convo.As to the posting of your more creative endeavours…Well I won\’t hold my breath but you have piqued my curiosity.:)@JulesWell if you\’re having one I might as well…I wouldn\’t want you to have to drink alone!@Brendalol It was quite the ride. I was hanging onto the bed for dear life. =)@LeeWas that the storm or a lack of confidence in Jim\’s carpentry skills? ;P


  7. Morning, Lorna! Thought to throw a hello your way this am! I love that pic of the bull rushes! See we got snow back this morning, better than the ice I suppose! Drop in again some time!Poopdeck!


  8. Hahaha cheers Lorna, a simple little coment gets such a huge response!!! You know Im kidding. The waiting is the worst thing, oh and the paperwork warning you about buying your house! I felt a bit scared :-s Always nice to hear from you, Craig xx


  9. @MMHey stranger…how\’s life in the shadow of the turkey farm?=)xoxo@PappyI did stop by for a visit but I didn\’t comment as I\’m more of a "silent step outside type" ;P@CherylI think there must be a rogue wind terrorizing the continent!@Craiglol…just watch yourself now…;P The paper work is a killer isn\’t it ?but it\’s worth it in the end.Hang in there!xLorna@SimonI did indeed survive unscathed but I can\’t say the same for the yard. It certainly takes a beating every time one of those gales blows in. As to how I\’m keeping…well you know life is what it is. I\’m waiting for a ray of sun, a change of scenery( and right now a download that will convert WMVs to VOBs or some type of DVD format…grrrr)…or something. But as I said it is what it is. I hope all is well with you. I just pulled up your site and I see there\’s pictures so I\’m off to browse.Stay safe,L=)


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