The Shade of Winter

     The pale green grass crunching underfoot is an oddity half way through winter. Frozen drops glitter like diamonds in a multiplied mimicry of the black jeweled sky above. The rising of the pale winter sun leaks wan rays that stir the air sending a haze up across the unnaturally naked fields. January should see the lean wolves of winter race across the land, their voices a howl of wind singing a discordant lullaby for the resting earth. Instead the vagaries of an ill defined term have left us marooned, abandoned on the plane of mud soaked dishabille that greets the dawn of each new day. The hoary dragon of winter, toothless and bewildered is lost somewhere along the path. A damp dementia has clouded the crystal mind leaving will and purpose limp and impotent, a pale shadow of the might that once bore the name.

     Divested of cold cover, exposed and abandoned, the sinew of the earth is laid bare and open to the sky. Shivering under an alien light the burnt umber of loam and soft wool of wood tendon border the ochre wisps of sodden gleanings. The hours melt and pool into one endless grey moment as the ground waits to warm or cool, victim to the whim of this sunken muddy season. Don’t look to spring; he’s a distant hero traveling beyond the horizon. We can no more move forward than back. The sails lay empty and slack waiting for the pace of the season to hurry us towards the vernal equinox. Becalmed, even the sharp suffering of purgatory’s expiation would be a welcome change from this milquetoast limbo.


11 thoughts on “The Shade of Winter

  1. I don\’t know…being this far away from winter I can say I loved winters. In reality by February I was sick of it. But now I have the constant humidint and heat and by March I am sick of it already and it isn\’t even really here till April.


  2. havent had much of a winter here at all *adjusts shorts, repositions sunglasses and reaches for tropical drink* LOL kidding.. but i sure do miss the snow. I KNOW I KNOW SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH ME.. but i do miss it. just doesnt feel quite like a canadian winter without piles and piles all this blog!Julie


  3. I never thought of spring as being the " distant hero." I LIKE IT. ……………………. playing with my instrument? You wish! LOL Not that there\’s anything wrong with that.


  4. Yummy.I\’ve missed you. It\’s good to be back in the world of beautiful words, Lorna!And regarding your basement museum? I actually have more than one; I\’ve vowed to secure each pile with a large red bow and present it to each son upon the purchas of his new home.That\’s AFTER I sort through them all and retrieve the crayon drawings of me, looking svelte and beautiful and energetic and a bit like Laura Petrie from the old "Dick Van Dyke Show."It\’s a good life, my friend.~k


  5. Each day in winter is a new day…. cool here today but the sun is shining… I\’ve lived where winter is a part of life alllll my life….. it makes spring a breath of fresh air. hugs, lottiemae


  6. @CherylI\’d be complaining if it was humid as well I guess, lol but I\’ve always found the heat easier to deal with than the cold. I think it might be the lack of daylight. Who knows maybe I\’m just a big whiner. ;P@LayneI find the bugs just seem to move inside in the winter…actually a honest winter day wouldn\’t be so hard to deal with. It\’s the muddy weird weather that\’s so depressing.@JulieI know what you mean about the lack of snow. It certainly isn\’t my fav but it does seem weird without it…*reaches to adjust the paper umbrella in her drink and spreads zinc oxide on her nose* ;P@MM…didn\’t you get married so you wouldn\’t have to blow your own horn?…zingggg…oh no she didn\’t!@KayMmmmm My mom had the same plan and her oldest grandson was 13 when she started…he\’s 15 now and she hasn\’t finished yet. Laura Petrie eh…Ohhhhhhhh Rob!Welcome back Kay!=)@lottiemayA common saying in this part of Ontario says if you don\’t like the weather wait 5 minutes so I\’m used to some odd stuff but a winter without winter certainly takes the cake.Take care,L


  7. wow. That is incredible writing. favorite (and all of it is genius) is:"The hoary dragon of winter, toothless and bewildered is lost somewhere along the path. A damp dementia has clouded the crystal mind leaving will and purpose limp and impotent, a pale shadow of the might that once bore the name."


  8. I agree with LostandDangerous – I think I enjoy winter a lot more since I don\’t live with it any more. As for you Lorna,- your writing is as lyrical. surprising and unique as ever; sweet lord what a marvelous imagination you have!BTW, If you haven\’t seen it yet I think you would enjoy Born Magazine – I just found out about it from Paul Guest\’s site this week and was captivated. I\’m passing the URL along to anyone I hope will enjoy \’clicking the pages\’. (


  9. Hey I just had to leave a comment with the new 8 . I was " Milquetoast the house boy " for a summer . I was rebuilding a house one summer and the owners intruduced me as their house boy because I was there at 8 pm . Love that word .


  10. @Toad
    Great pic…what an industrious Toad. Hopefully the houseboy title didn\’t come with an outfit to wear as well. ;P
    Thanks for the link. I\’ll have to check it out. I haven\’t had the opportunity to live in a warmer climate. Perhaps it would make me long for muddy winter skies but then again the memory always remains sweeter in the minds eye. 😉
    I\’m a cloud watcher…I\’m always seeing the mythical behind the mundane. It\’s not been too bad as an adult but as a child I was quite capable of scaring the crap out of myself without too much trouble!


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