Winter Formula

Frozen π

The window frame centers the wall, a bas relief of cream against the waves of burnt sienna. Six feet high and three feet wide the window is corniced and crowned by the benevolent gaze of beveled bulls eye rosettes.

The muntin bisects the window into north and south. Each pole is divided by nine, graphing eighteen adjacent worlds each distinct yet sequential.

The soft fog of curtain sketches the surface in cabochons and brilliants.  Within those hollows the concave drops of grey winter light rise up to rim the threaded borders. Minuscule mirrors reflect and magnify the morning composition.

Angels dancing on the head of a pin, each lavender puddle is a universe. Archimedes’ constant reflects from the pattern scattering in parallel arcs of fixed circumference. Echoes falling back, whorls of frozen meringue float down to cover the dark green of cedar bows.

5 thoughts on “Winter Formula

  1. Hi, to tell the truth my fear of failure has bested me yet again … lol Actually I have been so busy stealing my helpers share of turning stock that I haven\’t got to the stencilling. This Elm has my mind in another time.


  2. Lorna, I\’m going to put some calming music on and come back and read this again later this evening. It felt (and read) like a meditation. A beautiful, serene, vivid meditation. I especially liked the image of angels dancing on the heads of pins, creating lavender puddles. So nice.


  3. This is a very nice piece of writing however I was wondering if maybe you have fallen in love ? The timing of your entries is erratic and your visits are in the light of day . hmm … maybe this is a bold new approach ? Let us know.


  4. @Toad
    Nothing so sinister as a new love Toad. It\’s a combination of things really. There is some conflict in my personal life right now which makes for a bit of stress. The barren days of winter are short and bleak. This year more so as an unnatural spate of lackluster weather seems to have left winter in some sort of limbo. In addition I am trying to learn to sleep at night after 2 decades of being the complete night owl. I love to write and paint best of all after midnight…I don\’t know why. It may be an experiment doomed to failure. Who knows? I have resolved to work out some sort of a balance but only time will tell.
    Are you still enchanted by the elm or have you moved on to newer things?
    Frozen Pi as a meditation…it could work. ;P 
    We are visual people, aren\’t we, you and I?


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