Above and Below

The scale has tipped and the night slides into the hours that close on dawn. Unforgiving, the caustic breath of glacial air is an acid bite that wounds the throat and burns the lungs. The silence of a sleeping world is pierced by the sharp break of crusted snow underfoot. The protest of fractured crystal banks from the wall of pines and races back through the thin cold air. The winter cirrus, a haze of hexagonal gauze, surrounds the moon and crowns her with a rainbow halo. That luminous pearl, no coy satellite amongst her diamond courtiers, blazes out from under the veil of her father’s shadow while reflected shades of sky wash the snowy fields in lapis waves.


9 thoughts on “Above and Below

  1. Wow…top-shelf stuff.  Anyway, I never got a chance to thank you for all your support over the past couple months, and I wanted to make sure you knew how much it meant to me.  Keep up the good work.


  2. Sigh, I only wish that could be our winter, we\’ve just crappy wind and hardly a pittance of snow to be seen. I\’m not a big winter person, but at least the snow makes it liveable.
    As to your comment, why did you call Gambit "Gammage" I\’ve never heard of him being referred to as such.


  3. @Melissa
    Too kind;D
    lol Courtiers does sound much nicer than entourage or posse. I\’m hoping to use the word paramour someday. It has such an Errol Flynn feel to it.
    Hey Jacob. No problem…I think we\’re all just one step away from losing our way. There but for the grace of God go I type of thing. Hang in there. It sounds like things are seriously starting to look up already. 🙂
    lol It\’s been about 10 years since I watched the animated series and Gambit is stored away in my hopeless chest so I guess I had a mental burp on his name which is sad because he was my favourite. My boyfriend at the time gave me the figurine so I could have a Gambit of my own.
    Oh well C\’est la vie. ;P


  4. Beautiful…..
    and, to your comment– I never read Litlte Woman- I remember when my 4th or 5th grade teachers "forced" us to-and I couldn\’t get thru it- I hated those simpering girls -ugh, I remember that – and remember just thrumbing thru it, just enough to get by *laughing*


  5. Hey you, hope all is well. Im just saying hi, struggling with the moving in and stuff. So expensive!! Hope all is well in the world of Lorna, Craig x


  6. Geez…I left a comment yesterday and it did not take.  I just checked a few other sites and my comments did not take on their sites either.  MSN is screwed up again and now I can\’t remember what my comment was.  It was not meant to be obviously….


  7. @Kathryn
    I actually never read Little Women either but I was partial to Kathryn Hepburn\’s Joe in the movie…very spunky! =)
    So you bought something. Good for you! You should post some pictures. I\’d love to see where you landed!
    Never mind lol…it happens to me all the time. What can you do?!


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