The Ghost of Summer



A flutter is a memory of summer sweet morning, cool before the heat of the midday and clean with the smell of fresh cut grass swimming in the air. The delicate wings of that dew kissed morning rise crisp and clean in the wake of the March lion and with one fragile sweep drown the savage roar.




9 thoughts on “The Ghost of Summer

  1. Did you take this photo ? It is cool and you can see the little marks in the dust where he has lost some of his countermeasures and then stepped in them . Oh ya the brilliant contrast of colours is cool too lol .


  2. I\’m sitting here thinking of how much my house stinks from frying that damn bacon earlier – then come on to your page and you have all these fresh clean words and that fresh clean photo — and for a moment I forgot how much my house stinks from the frying bacon 🙂  


  3. @Cheryl

    Thanks Cheryl…it was the only one out of the 24 I took that turned out. I think it\’s time for a camera tune up.


  4. @Toad

    I did take this picture.
    I have no idea where it would have come from now during these drab days of March but I\’ve given up trying to make sense out of a number of things lately. I can only appreciate the memories of summer it evokes.



  5. I\’m really not such a big SNL fan anymore. Although I\’m going to try and watch it this weekend: Arctic Monkeys are on! I\’m only a little excited. As for Franz Ferdinand I\’m more of a fan of their first CD, but they\’re still half-decent.
    The worst is Death Cab for Cutie and Franz Ferdinand are coming to Edmonton (an hour away from Camrose) right in the middle of exam week. Luckily it sold out within a day of tickets coming out, so I don\’t have to be tempted by it.


  6. @Katsoup
    lol Nice legs! They look familiar ;P
    You could go to the concert and come home early you know…be responsible…start studying now….but, probably not. I haven\’t heard any Arctic Monkeys…I\’ll try to catch them tonight. I know what you mean about SNL, I think Mad TV is better but I usually flip between the two.


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