Oscar Wilde said "There is no such thing as an omen. Destiny does not send us heralds. She is too wise or too cruel for that.”…yet on the breath of butterfly wings Homer’s moly rises her head and names the ghost of winter.


11 thoughts on “Galanthus

  1. Nice work on the photo. Omens aside I was witness to Robin\’s fighting for nest building materials the other day so Spring will spring again .


    I\’m afraid Toad is wrong. So very, very wrong. School was canceled again today: another eight inches on the way.
    Isn\’t April coming soon? I\’ve heard that\’s our snowiest month…
    Beautiful writing and visual, as always.


  3. @Reg
    I\’d take a free coffee or a donut but what I really want is a Rav 4!
    Kind of you to say. I hope all is well with you and the Vin. =)
    I actually collaged the picture because you can see my roof top just above the stump…I couldn\’t get down low enough… I think it turned out okay though.
    I know what you mean, my tulips are starting to break ground and I wanted to mulch the leaves I used as cover over the winter before that happened. I definitely think it\’s on its way!
    I don\’t how  it can still be winter where you are when I\’m miles north of you and spring is just around the corner here. I just saw the fattest Robins hopping across my front yard.


  4. @Cheryl
    I realized after I posted my comment I should have said I collaged it to draw the eye away from the peak which you can barely see anyway as I filtered the background as a transparent…I can still see it but I know it\’s there. =)


  5. Yeah, they weren\’t the best on SNL, and I remembered why I stopped watching that show after putting up with the 30min. or so of sheer boredom waiting for them to come on. It\’s kind of sad how far down its sunk since its glory days.


  6. Wonderfully evocative picture. It certainly fits the cold rainy Saturday we are having here  as an ending to a warm, greening spring week.


  7. @Patresa
    I know he liked to wear capes but other than that he did have his days. =)
    I don\’t know about glory days…were there ever any? ;P
    Were there any ever such an unwelcome combination of words as "cold" and "rainy"?…a little more green always makes it more bearable. 


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