Compositional Elements

There is a secret hidden poorly beneath the snow burnt and frost blackened branches of the old soldiers, heroes of the winter’s campaign. Sap runs to fill the wounds. The earth stirs and turns restless on the edge of a dream. 





*This post was originally hosted on another blogging platform (MSN Space to MSN Live and finally WordPress). When the content was transferred the media files were lost. I’ve chosen to add new photos rather than delete the posts. I try to match any updated content to previously posted comments. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so the comments can seem to be out of context but I don’t want to delete any of them as they are a part of my blogging history.

9 thoughts on “Compositional Elements

  1. damn you\’re good with that camera. Looking at that sky stream stuff, reminds of when we lived in California, right after 9/11 — there was a pilot that did all kinds of "Bless USA" stream messages in the afternoons for about 5 days straight.


  2. Sigh, summer being on the way is about the only thing that keeps me going anymore. I just seem to have lost all will to actually do work, but if I can keep it together for 3 more weeks I\’ll be in the clear.
    P.S. A 4.0 is equal to 89-100% and they\’ve started using it in Canada as well, at least at the university level. A most annoying of grading scales if I\’ve ever seen one.


  3. @Wincard
    Welcome back, it\’s good to "see" you again. =)
    That sounds pretty cool. It must have been heartening to look up and see something like that. When I see those long streams I always wonder where they\’re going and if they\’re looking down and wondering who\’s below.
    Well you learn something new everyday, thanks for the info.
    I would definitely say you aren\’t the only one with spring fever but I think you know that already. Hang in there a little longer! =)
    I think you\’re right!
    I started my indoor plantings yesterday and next week I\’m hoping to put the houseplants I didn\’t kill over the winter outside (I\’m sure they\’re grateful for the spring weather as it means they\’ve managed to survive my ministrations for one more year!).


  4. @Cheryl
    It\’s just planes passing over head. Sometimes you can actually seem them like silver arrows piercing the blue of the sky.


  5. ~~~What an amazing writer you are~~~ I booked marked your site to go back as often as I can…..Keep up the writing, I look forward on returning to your site as much as I can ~~~


  6. ~*~*~*~*~ What an amazing writer you are *~*~* Looking forward on reading more *~*~* You make it such a calm and soothing place to be!!!  Just beautiful !! *~*~*


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